Noziya Karomatullo

Noziya Karomatullo – Facts, Bio, Career, Net Worth

Celebrated Tajik artist Noziya Karomatullo was brought into the world in the capital city of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. She is a famous vocalist back in her country and has notable popularity in the nations bordering or close to Tajikistan. Her dad Karomatullo Qurbonov was a very well-known local vocalist who dominated his singing career till his last moments. His sudden demise shocked the nation and brought about massive changes in Noziya’s day-to-day life, and she was four years of age when her dad was killed by shooters while getting back from a wedding festivity. However, his demise didn’t stop Noziya. Instead, it inspired her to become more like her father. 


Youth and Early Life 

She got immensely aroused by her father’s popularity and talent. The way he was admired influenced Noziya a lot. It was expected that she would choose music as her father had a great influence on her. There are highlights from her childhood where she gave early signs of becoming a singer as she was getting the right note and pitch, hitting the right chords with limited training, proving that she was a music wonder. She was brought into the world and raised by her mother under the past Soviet Union. Being the little prodigy, she was notable around the country and was acclaimed all around the nation. 


Noziya Karomatullo Net Worth 

Having performed under various labels and records, Noziya has accumulated a notable amount of money over the years. She has performed many stage shows and has a net worth of around $1.5 million. She is an influencer for many women around Tajikistan and is the definition of a successful and rich woman. 


Education in Classical Music and Dance

She turned out to be extremely noticed when she grew up because of her refreshing voice. She chooses to seek education in singing and dancing and chose Maliki Sobirova. After she graduated from Maliki Sobirova and moved on from that point in 2005, after completing those years at Maliki, she came to India and decided to a certificate in traditional singing and dancing, after which she entered a conservatory in New Delhi. The Indian Conservatory gave her a degree, and she graduated in the year 2010. That very year when she performed live on a phase that was also the first-ever live solo performance in her life. It is surprising to many when they know that she is currently a student even when she is 33 years of age. This is a model for some ladies back in their local country, particularly women in oppressed regions who do not have access to good education or higher education. She is in her fifth year at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service. There she seeks after a course in International Relations.  


Status as of Now

She was active till the year 2015. After the birth of her first child, she was completely engaged in bringing her up. However, she is very active on social media platforms, from where she keeps interacting with her fans. Her content can be found on YouTube, where she has also made a tribute video for her father. She has around 128 thousand followers on Instagram, and most people from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and India comprise those numbers. 

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