Natural Remedy for Immunity Boosting and Diabetes – Neem Karela and Jamun Juice

With the changes in the lifestyle and the increased levels of stress, the number of diseases especially the diabetes problem is being on a great rise in our country. Such increased figures have posed a need to explore treatments and look for home remedies to cure such diseases.

There are many reasons as to why people in India are suffering from diabetes. One major cause can be the genetic susceptibility,but our changing lifestyle is a major concern. The sedentary lifestyle with no physical work with high-calorie diet puts people at a great risk of having diabetes. The increased blood sugar levels in the body needalternate remedies like neem karela jamun juice for diabeteswhich is a simple juice helping a lot in curbing the issues of diabetes. It is not only for diabetes, but this juice from the Indian kitchen has a lot of medicinal properties, which are said to be very good for health.

Health benefits of Neem, Karela and Jamun juice- 

The Indian kitchen is enriched with various products that have great healing powers, soothing the health in many ways. One such product easy to make is the neem and karela juice. These juices are also available at various ayurvedic stores where the enriched properties of such fresh juices are packed for direct drinking as prescribed by the medical practitioner.

  • Lowers blood glucose- The bitter gourd or the karela found in the Asian kitchens is a vegetable well-known for its properties of lowering the blood sugar levels. It contains Charantin responsible for reducing the sugar levels. The substance present in the bitter gourd not only targets the particular organ as like in other medicines but manages the metabolism levels throughout the body.
  • Prevents constipation and stomach disorders- The bitter gourd rich in fibre enhances the secretion of bile whereas it possesses natural anthelmintic properties which protect from infestation of worms and parasites. This juice helps in cleaning the gut of unwanted toxins improving the overall health and digestion. On the other hand, the jamun rich in potent antioxidants when combined with natural acids provides gastro-defensive effects.
  • Treating cancer- Talking about neem, karela, jamun juice benefits, it is said to possess some anticancer substances. The natural antioxidants offeranticarcinogenic and antitumor effects that help in getting rid of growth of the cancer cells and even destroys the present ones. Whereas, the jamun present in the juice is radio-protective, chemo-protective and anti-neoplastic in nature, which helps in combating cancer.
  • Builds immunity- The karela and jamun being natural antioxidants enhance the body’s defence mechanism reducing the diseases to attack the body and even prevents from oxidative stress. Thus, it safeguards the body from various diseases and protects the heart, liver and kidneys.

This juice is a true friend for all the diabetic patients. One must make a habit of drinking the juice or eat such karela and jamun in their daily diet for the medical health benefits. Using it from the kitchen can show great results.


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