Mid-Century Home Design Trends for Contemporary Homes

To be different and extraordinary, modern, new houses are bringing back design trends from the mid century

Apparently, the architectural and interior design styles that flourished in the 1950s are making a comeback. Several homeowners are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind modern homes with a mid-century feel, say many interior design firms in Bangalore and in other cities.

In an era where mass production is as easy as printing paper, people are tired of the common. The ordinary is boring, which is why people are searching for furniture and décor items from the mid-century.

While it may be hard to find old, unique pieces for your house, you can create the mid-century feel in your interiors with a fusion of traditional and modern features.

Bring in the Wood

Create the mid-century look with wooden details

Intricate wooden details were a prominent feature of mid-century homes. But getting high-quality wooden furnishings from the 1950s can be a challenge now. You can therefore buy wooden furniture, sculptures and other décor items that resemble patterns from that period. Mid-century furniture used oak, teak, rosewood, and walnut, and the finished product had sharp, clean lines.

The fact that furniture from that period had clean lines made them look different from mass-produced furniture today.

Adding unique furniture is actually the easiest way to get a vintage feel, but if you can’t get your hands on some mid-century furniture, try to update the ones that you already have.

Sculptural Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can make a whole lot of difference

Dramatic lighting is a character of mid-century homes. Keep that in mind when installing ornate chandeliers or pendant lights with interesting designs. If you forage in vintage stores, you might be able to find curvy and sophisticated designs that are also simplistic in nature.

Table-top lamps, tall or slim, as well as those with curvy bases in bold colours, would be a nice addition to your home interiors.

One thing to remember is that mid-century décor didn’t pay much heed to matching items. So you can try your hand at mixing up the accessories and playing with different levels of decorations.

Place Graceful Mirrors

Artistically-designed giant mirrors on your wall can lend an air of the bygone era

Large mirrors with ornate, sleek frames can be a nice addition to your walls. You can even have them stand on a table or a console. Sunburst mirrors were a prominent part of the mid-century design. Try looking for a similar design.

Since mirrors give the illusion of more space and spread the light around, place them where they can both enhance the look of the space and make it appear bigger. Ideally, mirrors placed facing the window would nicely complement the interior décor.

Paint Walls White

White in the background always brings out the best in the foreground

Mid-century designs were not known for their brash colour palette. The walls were usually painted white, and there’s a reason for that too.

Against white walls, the décor and the furnishings are neatly highlighted, bringing the craftsmanship to the fore.

Your interior designers in Bangalore would garner more attention if the background is white.

Use Wallpapers

If you want to add a dash of some colour, wallpapers are always a good option

Other than white walls, you can also try patterned wallpapers. A bold graphic design or a mellow floral pattern would fit in well with a mid-century ambience. However, be careful when choosing the colours of the wallpapers. If they are too bold or extreme, it might ruin your interior décor and colour scheme.

Add Retro Art

Vintage art, paintings or sculptures, can create the perfect ambience

Artistic additions are always a good idea. Adding some vintage art work to your house can immediately change its appearance. A graphic wall with geometrical shapes or a renaissance art in a vintage frame are some ideas to choose from.

Don’t limit yourself to just paintings. You can also go for sculptural vases, vintage gold-chain link bowl, etc. But do keep the art work simple, else the interior will appear cluttered.

A Modern Kitchen

Create a kitchen that has the old world charm as well as all modern amenities

Mid-century design doesn’t mean you have to have an out-dated kitchen. On the contrary, the mid-century movement was inclined heavily on modern and futuristic kitchen spaces.

For a clean traditional look, go for a flat wooden cabinet faces. An all-wood kitchen interior is trendy and visually appealing. You can also try sleek and shiny stainless steel furnishings, or integrate marble countertop to surfaces.

For flooring, you can use cork or laminate, both will go well with wood or stainless steel.

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