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Compelling Reasons to Become a Microsoft Azure Certified Professional

The fundamental advantage of cloud computing is that the data can be easily stored and retrieved from any part of the world with an internet connection. Apart from the ease of access, cost-effectiveness is another good reason for the rapid adoption of cloud technology. With cloud computing services generating billions of dollars of revenue and growing at a fast clip, it has created a very large number of employment opportunities for IT professionals with the requisite skills. While all leading cloud computing service providers offer certifications, Microsoft Azure offers role-based certifications that are focused on current market demands, and because Microsoft Azure enjoys a good market share, there is also a healthy demand for Microsoft Azure certified professionals to develop and manage cloud applications. According to ZD Net, Microsoft Azure is second only to AWS! Some of the best reasons for you to choose certification in Microsoft Azure:

Flexibility in Career Choices

If you want to pursue a career in cloud computing. Certification in Microsoft Azure is among the best ways of acquiring the necessary skills. Armed with this certification, you can get lucrative opportunities to pursue careers in cloud administration, security engineering, data engineering, AI engineering, application development, solutions architecture, and DevOps engineering. With nine role-based certification programs, you have a wide choice of increasing your skills and versatility, not only in your current role but in the industry, in general. With a Microsoft Azure certification, you can find jobs in developing, implementing, and managing cloud services in sectors like banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, government, among others. What’s more, with its growing popularity, you can find lucrative positions around the globe.

Higher Remuneration 

Another significant benefit in taking up a career in cloud computing, especially as a buy microsoft azure certified professional, is significantly higher salaries. With the skill set demonstrated by your Microsoft Azure certificate, you will invariable be able to command higher salaries than your counterparts who are not similarly qualified. According to industry reports, the average salary of an Azure Developer and Azure Architect are $ $131,838 and 144,866 per year, respectively, much higher than other IT roles without similar certifications. However, you need to appreciate that these figures are indicative as the salaries differ widely between regions and countries, and industries.

Structure Learning Opportunity 

To acquire certifications in Microsoft Azure, you need to engage in a structured learning and training course. By doing this, you will find even complex technologies employed in tools like GitHub, Hadoop, Eclipse, etc. easy to learn and master. You will also find that you can adapt to the Azure platform with great ease. The learning process is quick and concise with multiple resources available online like e-books, tutorials, and videos for you to master both the theoretical and practical concepts.


With the rapid adoption of cloud technologies, it is expected that the interest in cloud computing will remain robust for the foreseeable future. This will create a substantial demand for professionals equipped with cloud computing certifications from leading service provides like Microsoft Azure. By acquiring a certification in Microsoft Azure early in your career, you can set up yourself better for a rapid growth career.

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