Mercedes-Benz – The Best Anyone Can Get

India is now credited as the fastest growing economy in the world. This expanding economy has given rise to a huge middle class that wants to use the best brands in the world. And in the marquee international brands, the name of Mercedes commands a lot of respect all over the world.
Why is it so popular?
The popularity of a brand depends on many things. If you have ever used a Mercedes car, either by sitting behind the wheel or being driven around, you will experience true world class features. Mercedes has over the years created a name for itself to bring to the fore technologies that became a benchmark in the industry.
Fantastic looks
The design is one of the biggest attributes of any Mercedes model. All the models have a sleek design and cool looks that make people turn their heads when any of these cars zoom past them on the road. The aerodynamic profile of Mercedes allows these beauties to speed their way through the air with little resistance.
Luxury redefined
Anyone who has ever used Mercedes before will swear by its fantastic comfort features. Mercedes cars are considered to be the epitome of luxury. The thing that makes these cars so sought after is the attention to detail that the engineers and designers at Mercedes workshop go into while bringing any of these beauties to the fore. These include superior quality materials and craftsmanship (hand stitched upholstery in the upper-end models).
From the sleekly designed dashboards to the ergonomically designed seats with adequate leg and headroom, the models from Mercedes stable allow you to take a long drive ensconced in a cocoon of luxury.
A grand heritage behind it
It is said rightly that a brand does not attain worldwide success in an instant. There is a lot of sweat, toil and sustained effort before Mercedes got this preeminent position in the market. It is the unflinching commitment towards quality in every single sphere of design and manufacturing that has made the Mercedes brand such a hit among rich and famous throughout the world.
High quality after sale service
If you buy a Mercedes car, you can rest assured of a lifetime of quality service of your car by experienced and highly trained mechanics. Mercedes has established a web of service centres throughout the length and breadth of the country.  So, if you live in Tier 1 or 2 cities you do not have to worry as there is always a company approved service centre near you where you can get your car serviced.
Latest innovative technologies
Mercedes always believed in giving something extra to its customers to improve their driving experience in any of its models. The designers at Mercedes are not sitting on their laurels, though, news leaks about new revolutionary technologies in the upcoming models will make driving a Mercedes car such a pleasant experience. Some of these technologies are mentioned here.
a). Distronic plus traffic jam follow assist: This technology will allow your car to negotiate through heavy traffic on its own with the help of sensors and radar technology.
b). Near field communication key: This advanced technology will allow you to use your car key chain as your credit card to purchase articles from stores.
c). Lateral collision avoidance system: This new feature that we are likely to see in the future models of Mercedes will help the car to stay in the lane and avoid colliding with the car next to you while driving with the help of sensors placed all around the car.

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