Marble Worktops in London: Popular Choices for Stone Worktops

In order to design the ultimate kitchen there are a number of aspects of designing and styling that you need to consider. But one aspect that can really raise the bar for your kitchen makeover, even if you are on a tight budget, is a beautiful kitchen worktop. A welcoming kitchen, offers the inhabitants a lot more pleasurable time when they prepare their meals, chitchat with their family or just enjoy a friend’s company.

For achieving a thing like that it is essential that you go for a worktop or countertop made from any type of stones. This is primarily because they are very sturdy and will last for a very long time. That is why it is considered to be a good investment for every kitchen and worktop.

Now the next thought that can come to your mind is “Well! Can I find great designs with stone worktops to beatify my kitchen?”

The answer to that is “Yes! You can.”

This is because there are a variety of stone worktops and you can choose from a plethora of designs that is available. Among the various stone worktops, granite, silestone and marble are the most popular ones. Let’s have a closer look at them.

  • Granite Worktops – The moment the word “granite” is pronounced, the first words that come to the mind are “hard” and “tough”. This is because granite has been symbolising durability since time immemorial. Added to that they are also available in a number of designs like that of Azul Platino, Emerald Pearls, Kashmir White, Nero Impala, Angola Black and Absolute Black. That is why granite has been the most preferred choice for many for their kitchen worktops.

  • Silestone Worktops –One of the offbeat yet popular stone worktops is silestone worktops. Because of its advantages, this one is also a popular choice among many. Natural quartz is the primary ingredient for this one. This implies that it is incredibly resistant from scratches and stains. Apart from that, this one also has a less fluid absorption capacity. Versatility is another one of the significant aspects of silestone worktops. It is available in various formats, three textures and 60 variant colours. To top it all this one also has an anti-bacterial protection features.

  • Marble Tops – Last but not the least is the magnificent marble worktop. When it comes to worktops, there is nothing that can beat the elegance of a marble worktop. You can choose from a plethora of colours and designs. One drawback about this one is that it is softer than the other types of stones and hence less durable too. But gentle care can increase its lifetime. Moreover, they are also perfect for mantle-pieces and vanity tops.

Depending on your taste and your usage you can go ahead with any type of stone worktops mentioned above. But prior to purchasing you should analyse your requirement and your convenience and then go for the grand marble worktops in London, the ostentatious granite worktops or the perky silestone worktops for your kitchen.

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