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An essential social media application, Whatsapp brings in a lot of advancements to make the users more connected in their network. In traditional days, where the Smartphone applications do not come into existence people make use of SMS application communicate with each other to a larger extent.
They can able to share only text messages at that time. But, in this modern world where the technology is emerging fast, a lot of advanced messenger applications came into existence which is more effective to the users. After the Facebook application Whatsapp plays a major role in communicating with the users. It helps us to share personal information, audios, videos, recordings, voice and video calls with the user’s contact.
An essential advantage of  Whatsapp application is the privacy issues. People make use of this application as the connection is safe and secure. However, a lot of advancements are brought in by the app developers to make the users more interactive in their application.
Some of the updates are status privacy, GPS location sharing, attractive emojis, etc. Recently, the updated features emerge where the user can share videos as GIFs to their contacts and make the stories in the form of GIFs. Now, let us see how the technology works in various aspects. The messaging app reveals new features for Android and iOS users in recent times, which involve the capacity to consent a Voice Message for missed calls, the right to call back, quote the message, the capability to share with multiple contacts, text-formatting, new fonts and much more.
WhatsApp has about 1 billion monthly attentive users with over 100 million voice calls often made each and every day. Besides Android, the recent update gathers more emojis; out of which some of these were iOS unique. WhatsApp recently helps Unicode 9 located emojis.
WhatsApp application also reportedly seems to bring video-calling feature. It also adds GIF sharing to the platform as fast as possible, a commodity that Facebook Messenger formerly supports. WhatsApp also brought in a beta build with the video calling facility on Android, still knock over the update eventually.
Other reports say that WhatsApp is looking at emerging long emojis, music sharing and public groups for iOS participants. Let us make a note at all the new features brought by the messaging platform at present, and how to make use of them.
Encryption technique
Whatsapp is end to end encrypted which makes sure that the messages, videos, photos sent through the WhatsApp application can’t be stolen by anyone which even includes cyber-criminals, law-enforcement agencies, etc. Even calls and group chats will be made into an encrypted one.
The co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum stated that the update on his Facebook page, states that the firm has been working with this feature for the last two years to offer the best security over the Whatsapp chat. Most of the people justify security. So this is made feasible for the users to connect with their beloved ones without any issues.
Multi-sharing facilities
WhatsApp’s multi-sharing technique lets the users share their pictures, video or document with several contacts in a single click. The significance is live on a beta version of the app for Android devices. The user can just make use of it by selecting the photo, video or document; which is needed for sharing with multiple users.
The application will offer you a list of contacts with three of the users under ‘Frequent Chats’ option and a few under ‘Recent Chats’ label. All other contacts in the phonebook come under ‘Other Contacts’ choice. The user can click multiple contacts to share the news by just clicking on them, or plainly search for other contacts to put them to the list. The above picked contacts to appear with a green tick. The names of contacts a user picked also emerge in a green band below. The user can use it by simply clicking send now to share the message.
Voice Message and Call back features
WhatsApp set up new Voice Message and Call Back facilities a few days in the past. Voice Message lets users permit a voice message for users as long as they do not pick up your WhatsApp call. The Call Back essentials, as the name implies, lets users call back a person in case if they are not picking up the call. There is also a Cancel option that winds up the screen if the users do not want to go ahead with the call again.
The update is made available for both Android and iOS users. It can be used by just holding the Voice Message button to record a message and release it to send the message beyond. These messages look like normal WhatsApp voice recordings to the users who acquire it. Then click on the Call Again to call back the person. Once the process is completed click on the Cancel button if you do not want to go along with calling next time.
Quote Message options
WhatsApp’s Quote Message facilitates the users to name a previous message from a private chat or in a group and reply to it. The message looks along with the reply as users press the send option. The technique mostly adds text to messages. The technique works both for distinctive group chats. First, select a separate message to quote which can be either a text or media message.
Then long press the text; enabling which a pop-up with Reply, Forward and Delete options will appear at the top. By clicking the Reply option the app which shows an examination with the cited message, and a small box to click the reply. Then, type the reply and press send option. The reply will show up within the chat with the original quoted text fixed on top of it, with the sender’s color-coded name in a chat. Each user in a group receives a different color.
Text-formatting techniques
Android and iOS users on WhatsApp can format the chat to add features like bold, italics and strike through fonts while chatting with their friends. To cast the bold type the text in between two asterisks symbols. For italics type in between two underscores symbols. The strike through looks when users type the text within the two tilde symbols. When a friend needs to see the formatting, then it is essential that they need to be on the same version.
WhatsApp at present added the FixedSys font to enable conversation in various fonts. As of now, this is the only font provided by WhatsApp application. The FixedSys font is much identical to the one in Windows with the related name. The feature has been speckled in Android beta build version. It is also available for iOS beta users. Everything that users need to type in FixedSys wants to go in between three back quote symbols, two together at the start and at the end of a word.
Like for instance to type The Indian Express in FixedSys font, the user wants to establish The Indian Express between the double quoted symbol.  Classifying” ‘The Indian Express”’ will vary its font to FixedSys. The font cannot be stroked with other text formats such as bold, italics or strike-through.
Author: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of  Zoplay, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which is developing , leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like SCIMBO – Whatsapp Clone Script. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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