Maintain Feng Shui and place Buddha statues

Mostly Indian homes have different kinds of Buddha statues as a part of their home decors. They adorn the interiors of the house and make it look elegant. But Feng Shui has some other studies of keeping a Buddha statue at house. They say, this not only adds on gorgeousness to the house but also brings a lot of positive energies into it.

Before you buy Buddha statues online India, it is good to have an idea on what Feng Shui suggests, where and what kind of Buddha statue you should buy and keep it. If you are going to keep a Buddha statue anyway in your house then why not get positive energies in return from those statues. There is no harm in believing in this if it returns with a lot of goodness and positivity in your life. Here are some Feng Shui tips which you can follow.

  • The Living room is a very important part in every house because this is where guests arrive. That is why; one always wants to design it the best and also create a perfect ambience for the visiting people. If you keep a Buddha statue in this room then it creates a lot of serenity in the room. But you have to keep the statue facing the front door.
  • If you keep the statue facing the entrance door of the house then Feng Shui says, it brings a lot of positive energy or ‘chi’ in the house. This also saves the house from all the negative forces that comes from outside. You have to put the statue on a low stool or a table which is at least two and a half feel elevated from the floor.
  • If you want to keep a Buddha statue in the study area of your kids then Feng Shui assures you that this will help in bringing them academic achievements. You have to place the statue on the desk or a wall cabinet/ shelf which can be seen by the children who is studying on the table. This increases their concentration power in studies and as a result academic endeavours are met.
  • Do you have a work place or cabin if your own? Place a small Buddha idol on your work desk as it will bring a lot of positive energy in your work approach and in turn will bring prosperity. If you do not have a desk of your own, place the idol as close to you as possible.
  • Are you having a meditation session every day and have a separate room for that? If you have one then place a Buddha statue at the eye level or a bit higher so that you can always look up when you are doing yoga or meditating. It is better to have a marble made statue over there as it adds soothing element in that area.

One can buy Buddha statue online as there are many varieties of statues available there. Go ahead with the one of your choice.

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