Luxury Watches Hollywood Celebrities Love To Wear

There are plenty of luxury brand watches and it can be hard to choose the right one.  How do you choose one that you know is quality?  A great way is to choose luxury watch brands for men that the Hollywood Celebrities love to wear.  Here are some of the luxury men’s watch brands that celebrities wear.
Tom Cruise – Bremont
One of the biggest names in Hollywood is Tom Cruise.  What luxury men’s watch brand does he choose?  Often you can see Tom Cruise wearing a Bremont watch.  There are two reasons that Cruise prefers this watch.  One is that it has ties to the aviation world, made by former aircraft designers.  It is also is one of the most durable luxury brand watches out there.
Leonardo DiCaprio – Tag Heuer
For a man who started his career in the Titanic (movie), there needs to be a fancy watch for Leonardo DiCaprio.  While he has worn some other watches, the Tag Heuer is the brand that you see DiCaprio wear regularly.  The most common model to see him wearing is the Carrera Chronograph.  As far as the best luxury watch brands for men go, it is not the most expensive watch out there.
Pierce Brosnan – Speake-Marin
James Bond is known for wearing fancy watches and one of the people who has played this famous character is Pierce Brosnan.  What watch does he wear?  A Speak-Marin brand luxury watch.  The elegant gold of his watch helps him to pull off the effortless assassin look even when he isn’t playing a role.
Matthew McConaughey – Hamilton   
Matthew McConaughey has been in a wide variety of movies and one of the notable movies he has played in is Interstellar.  Whether playing in Interstellar or walking around in real life McConaughey wears a Hamilton watch.  Another watch made by aircraft engineers, the Hamilton is a well-known brand that fits in well on the screen.
Samuel L. Jackson – Piaget
Samuel L. Jackson and other celebrities have chosen Piaget as their watch of choice.  Jackson’s watch is the Polo Chronograph.  It is a watch made in Switzerland and is of high quality.  Some of the other celebrities who wear one are Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bar Rafaeli, and Zoe Saldana.  You will notice that multiple names on that list are of famous celebrities.
Harrison Ford – Breitling
Famous for his roles as Hon Solo and Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is a big name in the Hollywood world.  His watch is also a big name.  He wears a Breitling watch.  Many other celebrities share his love for this watch, including Tommy Lee Jones.  The pilot wings like logo make the watch distinctive.
Everyone wants to emulate their favorite actors and with this list, you now know what some of the biggest actors like to wear on their wrists.  Most of these watches are pricey but you will also find that they are some of the most beautiful timepieces to have ever touched a wrist.  Which one of these luxury men’s watch brands do you find fits your style?

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