Liven Up Your Soul In The Verdant And Scenic Ooty

 Liven Up Your Soul In The Verdant And Scenic Ooty

Ooty is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Situated on the Nilgiri Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu, the place portrays the best of the nature, plus, the state’s culture and hospitality. Visit the town on next vacation and pick from the best Ooty hotels.

Tamil Nadu, the land of diversity and culturally united, never fails to fascinate backpackers. The southernmost state on Indian mainland is home to a plethora of interesting and unique attractions that bewitch every traveler into visiting the bustling cities or the tranquil and very ethnic villages at least once in their lifetime. The long pristine beaches, thickly wooded verdant forests, everlasting hills, hidden waterfalls, centuries old traditions and culture, larger than life festivals, etc. always sound exciting!

Ooty, in Tamil Nadu, is a beautiful hill station with a splendor of nature and offering wonderful vacation to every single backer who is in the place or is going to visit it. Also known as the “Queen of Hill Stations”, the natural beauty of the place is simply unbeatable. Illustrated numerous times in literature, photographs, and even in different Bollywood movies, the popularity of the place is widely known as well as appreciated. The British named it Ootacamund and it is them who also discovered the place and popularized it as an ideal health resort and a summer escapade. During their rule, the place was the official summer resort of the Madras Presidency, which at today’s date includes Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and some chunks of Karnataka, Orissa, and Kerala.

Today, the hill town sees a large influx of travelers from all over the country. The good thing is that Ooty hotels not only provide every single traveler with a stay that is up to their expectation, but, they also help promote tourism in the place. There are many hotels that offer several tour packages as well as tour guides to help their guests get the best of holidaying in the place.

The first thing that one does without fail after arriving at the place is go sightseeing and takes photographs. The town’s apt location, which is in the enchanting, hills of the Nilgiris makes it rich with nature as well as sightseeing spots. One of the most frequented places is the Ooty Lake. Situated in the heart of the town there is hardly a season when the lake is not crowded by tourists. It is best for boating and photography. Plus, the place also renders horse riding, which is a must-try activity. If you are with kids, visit the children’s park close to the lake and spend some wonderful time with kids. There are also houseboats, where one can spend a memorable stay relishing the genuine hospitality of the place.

Away from the madness of cities as well as pollution, there is a certain charm residing in Ooty. It is ideal for those who seek to spend a couple of days or even a week relaxing and rejuvenating while being surrounded by abundant nature. As you approach the place the stronger the feeling of serenity and being close to the nature gets. The wind gets nimble, the air gets cleaner, the sky becomes more blue and clean, and everything seems to be beautiful and merry.

In conclusion, full of wonderful tourist attractions, Ooty is a place that offers one with a memorable vacation. Head to the place on next holiday and make it a memorable one. As there is usually a long queue for train booking, it is advisable to place an IRCTC train enquiry first and then book the tickets. Plus, it will also provide information of trains timing and availability.

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