Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation: The Good Sides To Know

Aesthetic facial changes can happen due to several reasons. With ageing being the primary cause, your skin and lips can lose their volume and start shrinking. On the flip side, most other people may have naturally thin lips. Lip filling has been the go-to cosmetic augmentation procedure for those who have always dreamt of plumper and the perfect lips. Lip fillers can change the size, volume and shape of your lips, which eventually adds up to your face contour even after you start experiencing age-related skin imperfections. Lip augmentation is a common cosmetic technique used for both men and women to redefine versatile areas of the lips, from lip outline to philtrum ridges.

Briefing lip augmentation

If you have been a chronic smoker, you will find the accumulation of perioral lines on your lips over time. Recent research says that 80% of Australian women feel dissatisfied with their bodily features. Adding to it, ageing can create detention or loss of collagen in the body. Once the collagen level starts to fall, the lips start shrinking and develop lines and creases on the surface. Depletion of collagen indicates a loss in the elastic property of your skin/lips. As a result, lip shrinkage is an unavoidable part of ageing. However, lip augmentation is one proven technique that can fix thinning of lips. Lip injectables procedures are comparatively less-invasive than other cosmetic techniques. Lip filling can reverse lip shrinkage or remove creases and other wrinkle lines from your lips by boosting collagen levels.

What do lip injectables contain?

Undeniably, lip fillers consist of collagen. When injected onto the lips by a certified technician, you will have the collagen level rise in the skin. Eventually, the lips restore their elasticity and become plump and naturally enhanced. Most injectables contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring collagen. Hyaluronic acid aids in drawing in the lost moisture to your lips, on the bottom line, the lips get hydrated and softer. Eventually, your lips can get altered according to the prefered size and volume, usually turning fuller!

Benefits of lip injectables

When it comes to lip augmentation, you will be left with two options- lip implants and lip injectables. However, the latter has convincing benefits and is a painless procedure for amateurs. Here are some perks you can enjoy from filling your lips,

  1. Naturally fuller lips

Lip filling via hyaluronic acid fillers is the safest way to reverse lip shrinkage. Since such fillers consist of only naturally occurring collagen, they are reliable and free from intense side effects. Also, usage of natural collagen leaves you with natural-looking results. Hyaluronic acid that already occurs in your body is not foreign to your lips. As a result, they quickly absorb the collagen without any interference. Lip injectables concentrate on intricate contours and areas to restore your naturally plump and subtle lips.

  1. Quick and non-invasive

The primary benefit of lip injectables over lip implants is that the former involves a painless procedure. Lip filling sessions are quick, usually take less than 30 minutes to get the job done. Lip injections come in an appropriate dosage of collagens, so the process is all about administration preceded by an anaesthetic session. The usage of a mild anaesthetic agent keeps you pain-free during the procedure.

Lip injectables consist of syringes with an ultra-fine needle to get the collagen administered without any hassle. Post a lip filling session, one might experience slight pain and, in rare cases, reddening of the lips that will heal within a week.

  1. Customisability

Lip injectables are customisable. That is, you can have a sitting with your cosmetologist to decide on your new look. It can include the size, volume and contour you expect from the filling. Unlike lip implants, you have flexibility over redefining your lips via filling. For instance, when you only want to fill your lower lips or any specific area, lip filling is the best choice.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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