Kodaikanal – Tamil Nadu’s Gift To The Honeymooners

The first thing that comes to mind at the very mention of the name Kodaikanal is pristine natural beauty, with beautiful green slope valleys, meadows and lakes. Set in the state of Tamil Nadu, this is surely a tourism gem the state shelters like an egg and takes pride in. This article talks about the pristine beauty of Kodai and why it is a perfect honeymoon destination.
Kodaikanal Tour Packages
Kodaikanal is a delightful and beautiful hill station set in the Palani slopes in the Western Ghats. The town is also called the ‘Princess of hill stations’ owing to its breathtaking beauty and picturesque landscape. Kodaikanal tour packages are famous with honeymooners and young adrenaline seekers, who rush to the breathtaking viewpoints and waterfalls in and around town. 
The beautiful landscape of Kodaikanal sees high hills and valleys that slant down into the towns of Vilpatti and Pallangi in the north, while toward the east, they slip to the lower Palani slopes. Toward the south of the destination, lies the Cumbum Valley; while toward the west lies a level which prompts the Manjampatti Valley and the Anamalai Hills. As you stroll around, this beautiful town unravels and never ceases to amaze it visitors. Marked all through with captivating waterfalls, pristine lakes and lush greeneries, the more you walk the more you begin to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Kodaikanal is a standout amongst the most well known occasion destinations today. It has been an absolute hit among newlywed couples. Roosted in the midst of a thick woods with a captivating common excellence of trees, rocks and waterfalls, this spot is an absolute necessity visit. Some of the unmissable attractions of Kodaikanal are the Bryant’s park, Bear Shola falls and the coaker’s walk. In addition to these spots, Kodaikanal is also very well known for eucalyptus oil, plums, local chocolates and pears. The Green valley view point gives a beautiful view of the whole landscape and the immaculate Kodaikanal lake. If you are aware and the time is right and you plan according to the event, you will be able to witness the Kurinji flower blossom. This unique one of a kind flower blooms only once every 12 years. Be prepared to see a huge crowd of visitors if you plan on visiting during this time.
Kodaikanal experiences great climatic conditions all throughout the year consistently. It can be visited anytime of the year but the hill station is most beautiful after the monsoons when the whole hill station is showered by the rains and the trees look rejuvenated and fresh while the lakes are filled and the waterfalls flow down in all its glory. The nearest airports are Madurai at 120 kms away and Coimbatore at 180 kms after which you will have to catch a taxi and travel by road. Coimbatore has better options for flying as the airlines operating in this airport touches almost every major city. Coimbatore train station can also be chosen for your arrival however the more better option for trains will be the Kodai road train station at around 100 kms and a 3 hour ride away by road. You can check the train status and book your ticket as per your convenience and time of travel. 

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