Know All About The Technologies Used In The Manufacturing Industry

Know All About The Technologies Used In The Manufacturing Industry

Technologies used in the Manufacturing industry has significant role and implementation of these technology in manufacturing has increased the efficiency of the process, customization, precision, and quality of goods.

In this article we will tell you the revolutionary technologies which is changing the manufacturing industries –

3D Printing technology:-

3D Printing technology is widely used in product design and now it is headed towards manufacturing industry. It has the ability to design and create virtually by using plastic, metal, and human tissue etc. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing and will bring lots of benefit that will make worth to invest.

  • Reduces the design and production time
  • Reduces manufacturing time
  • Easy to manufacture small objects and easy to make the prototype of any object
  • Production flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Less waste as compare to other manufacturing process

It is still new in manufacturing and will take few months or years to implement in all over manufacturing companies. Government of India introduced Advance License Scheme to allow duty free import of raw materials required to manufacture the export goods.


Nanotechnology deals with the study of object at atomic and molecular level and nanotechnology in manufacturing manufacture the goods from the molecular level which involves manipulation of matter on very small level. Nanotechnology in manufacturing used to enhance the quality of the products to last them longer and giving them new properties so that you can feel warmer or cooler when required. At Present it is used in space engineering and biotechnology. Now the next step is in manufacturing industry by developing Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM), which could very well change everything about manufacturing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing used to store, manage, process data by using the Internet rather than local server or personal system. It has significant role in other industries and also has great impact in manufacturing export goods.  Internet of things (IOT) can be used for connection between all the devices and people working in a manufacturing plant and also improves the connectivity with other plants, the manufacturing companies can share the information across the globe by just one click which reduces the cost and production times. EPCG Scheme allows the import of machinery without paying the duty.


Robotics will play the great importance in the manufacturing industry,

It performs various operations at one time without human assistance with the help of pre- defined instructions fed into that.

The western countries are implementing the robotics in their manufacturing sector for better efficiency, accuracy, and due to multi tasking nature.

Government of India launched RoDTEP Scheme to promote the goods export from the country by providing incentive in the form of duty Credit scrip.


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