Jim Corbett National Park – Perfect Retreat From Busy Schedule

These days our life has just become awfully busy that we hardly have enough time in hand to unwind. Long weekend trips are the only way to wind down ourselves. Though seldom do we get the time to go on a long holiday. Hence, in such a fast paced life, weekend tours are becoming increasingly popular among people. They take you away from the stresses of everyday life and revive your energy levels.

Perfect retreat tour option:
Jim Corbett national park is the most preferred tourist destination in India. The number of day trippers going to Corbett has increased leaps and bounds over a couple of decades. Many people love to visit Corbett to sightsee beautiful wildlife and exotic landscape.
This wildlife park of Uttaranchal is near about 280 km from Delhi and very well linked by both road and rail network. Apart from Delhi, other cities of North India like Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, Agra, Rishikesh and Haridwar are also connected with this place. You need to drive for a couple of hours to be in this exotic and adventurous wildlife destination of India. Above all, increasing number of best resorts in Jim Corbett has even made weekend tours much possible.

Best resorts in Jim Corbett close to nature:
There are many resorts that you can easily find near Jim Corbett National park comparatively to the time gone by. These eco-friendly accommodations are well located in the middle of beautiful landscape and diverse flora and fauna. While staying in there you can feel extremely close to nature in this splendid forest land. Many tourists feel peaceful while staying close to the perennial river. The restful forests just enthral many people. You can enjoy the lovely sunrise and sunset here. It goes without saying that this place is the perfect setting: forest, lush green surroundings and diverse wildlife.

Exclusive wildlife:
The main attraction of Corbett is the varied and unusual wildlife. Corbett is home to a variety of species that you must have not even seen before. You can find the rare tiger in Corbett. If you would be lucky enough then you would be able to spot tiger that will make your trip fruitful. Apart from a tiger, you can also find various species of deer, Himalayan black bear, Jackal, The Sloth Bear and elephants, to name a few. There are around 650 species of birds on top of reptiles. A diversity of aquatic animals is also that will leave you literally captivated. For a more pleasurable trip, you can even take up a safari to enjoy the sight and experience of these different species of flora and fauna.

Great Indulgence for adventure lovers:
You are certainly not going to Corbett only for seeing the sights. Jim Corbett national park is a great indulgence for adventurous junkies. Some of the activities that you can enjoy to the fullest are:
• Trekking
• Angling
• Fishing
• River rafting
Book your rooms or cottages in the best resorts in Jim Corbett the next time you get few days off and have the most memorable time with your friends and family members.

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