Ionized Water and Its Benefits

Water is life. Second to air, water is one of the essential things you need in this world. About 60% to 75& percent of your body is comprised of water. Children and adult are mostly closer to 75%. Thus, a lower amount of this will cause dehydration and the dozens of diseases associated with it.
Water is the one in charge in transporting nutrients to the cells and tissues. It is also the one responsible for flushing out toxins in your body. If toxins are not properly eliminated or discharged, it can cause serious tissue damage. That is why it is very important to choose the right kind of water to drink.

There is a misconception between alkaline and alkalized water. Usually what you can see on supermarkets tagged as alkaline are the chemically altered alkaline water. The real and best-ionized water is the alkalized water. This means that the water is ionized, mineral charged, high antioxidant, and it is produced via electricity only. This water has been clinically and scientifically proven.

Here are the other benefits of drinking the best-ionized water:

PH Balance

One of the great health benefits of alkaline antioxidant water or ionized water is its PH-balancing benefits. Having a PH balance allows cells to get rid of acidic wastes which include fats. If there is no PH Balance, this may lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis especially that the foods you take are mostly acidic.


One of the most important advantages of drinking alkaline water or ionized water is the high levels of natural antioxidants. Alkaline ionized water contains huge amounts of antioxidants. These are the negatively-charged h2- molecules that have an extra electron to donate to free-radicals within the bodily fluid, blood, and cells.
Recent research of molecular hydrogen (scientists’ name for H2- Antioxidants) validates the fact that antioxidant offers a wide range of health benefits. One proof of this is that people who drink ionized water have greater tendencies of remission from different sicknesses compared to a person who does not drink ionized water. The powerful antioxidant in water can penetrate the cells and can go through blood-brain barriers.

Healing Qualities

Alkaline ionized water has the power to keep the body healthy and free from radicals. One of the best features of ionized water is enabling the body to health itself. This is really what the body is designed to do.  However, with the presence of junk foods, pesticides, and inventions that are mostly acidic, the body loses its balance and the ability to heal over time. With ionized water, it targets returning the necessary balance of the body to be able to heal fast and improve one’s health.

More Absorbable Water

Another benefit of ionized water is to make the water-absorbable.  Drinking ionized water helps the body to absorb better compared to tap or bottled water. Ionized water has an ionizer which helps break larger clusters of water molecules into smaller ones. With this, small clusters can easily pass through the cell membranes and the body cells.

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