Increase Internet Security Level with Application Control Software

In the present arena, corporate network security tends to be the core of the pressing issues that the companies are facing. Malicious programs, designed to cause damage to the organizational data, might come in effect and leave a negative impact on the reputation as well as financial condition of the organization. Whilst there are plethoras of IT companies which provide security solutions, they tend to consume high maintenance costs. However, this does not mean that they will definitely provide guaranteed solution in the cases of security attack, especially if the attack is targeted. In this write-up, we will basically focus on an alternate security approach for safeguarding the organizations from outside threats-Whitelist Security.
Whitelist Security

Whitelist Security Approach, in the future, is going to be one of the key elements for ensuring security of the organizational data with Application visibility and control. Organizations which deploy this approach are not only able to protect their network from the unknown threats, but will also enable the admin and the IT engineers to manage the unwanted and unlicensed programs. It enables the admin to accomplish the below-mentioned tasks: 

1. Controlling (Block, allow, restrict or audit) the launch of applications in the systems that comply with the security policies of the organization.
2. Receiving data regarding the file status from software developers.
3. Guaranteed and steady operation of permitted and clean applications.
4. Management of categories of software rather than the specific applications.
5. Managing and controlling the problems that arise if an application gets blocked.
6. Streamlining the usage of organization’s IT resources and controlled usage of 3rd party software.
Whitelist Security Vs Anti-Virus
Software which is not classified either as safe or threat by anti-virus company is placed in the category of Status Unknown. The unknown software containing malicious codes are the most dangerous and challenging for the anti-virus programs to detect. Even though the developers continue to develop more and more anti-virus, these programs pose the greatest threat to an organizational data. The antivirus companies remain in sync with the malicious virus developers; developing a new anti-virus for every virus that is introduced. The traditional approach i.e. the deployment of anti-virus, basically targets blocking of threats like malicious software.
However, there have been times when these traditional measures did not proved to be powerless against the new attacks and threats. Therefore, corporate and organizations look for new solutions for ensuring the safety of their data and prevention of the data breach. This is where the alternative security measure for the application visibility and control, Whitelist Security Approach. It is the method which allows only those programs to run, which have been included in the whitelist and Importance of Application Whitelisting. As a result, the programs which are malicious cannot be launched in the system.
Whitelist security approach is not only an effective resource for application visibility and control, but is also a great protector against the malicious and unknown attacks, even if they are targeted. Thus, it is the best solution for ensuring that your organization is safeguarded from the unknown threats.

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