Important Call Centre Tools to Provide Customer-Centric Support

Today, more and more companies are inclined towards customer-centricity to provide excellent support.They are hiring more qualified agents, providing them with rigorous training, and continuously providing feedback to their team with the main motive to enhance the service that they provide to their customers. Why organisations are making all these efforts? It’s because their business depends on it.
According to a study conducted by Harvard Business, 40% customers said they would stop doing business with a company that provide bad customer experience. Thus, exceeding the customer experience level is the key way to build customer loyalty.This not only helps in creating a great impact on customer retention strategy, but also improve the business bottom line.
If providing excellent customer support sounds like a daunting task, then don’t get worried. With the right tools, processes and team, you can adopt a customer-centric trend and provide top-notch customer experience with relevant ease.
Given below are some important call centre toolsthat helps in providing customer-centric support.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR):Providing top-gradecustomer experience begins before your agents respond to the phone. Through interactive voice response (IVR)technology, your team of call centre agents can professional greetings and route callers to the right agents who can address their concerns efficiently. For example- tech calls to technical support professional, Chinese customers to executives who are well-versed in speaking Chinese, important customers to skilled agent, etc. This will undoubtedly increase the customer experience and enhance credibility of your business. Moreover, when all callers are routed to the most appropriate agent to address customer issues,your agents will be more proficient at solving particular issues and addressing specific concerns of customers that are assigned to them. The result is an increase in customer satisfaction rate.
  • Automatic screen pop-up:This is another great tool that call centre solutions provide to leverage the customer service efficiency and enhance the level of customer satisfaction.Routing the caller to the right agent is the first step in making the customer journey amazing. With the call centre softwarethat provides caller’s information in the browser as the call comes in, your call centre agent team will get to know everything about that caller such as picture, name, company, email-ID, phone number, etc. before they respond to the call. This will allow your staff to provide a more personalised experience to customers, which further, increases the customer satisfaction level.
  • Call centre software that integrates with business tools: A customer-centric support simply means that your team understands the customer and meet their requirements accordingly. With call centre software that supports two-way integrations with your business tools, so that your call centre staff will have access to all the caller’s previous interactions with your company before they answer the phone such as previous ticket, cases, events and issues. Call centre software that provides this information in real-time will enable your team to not only view caller’s history, but adjust their approach to provide excellent service on the basis ofthis comprehensive information. This will dramatically improve the productivity if your call centre agents.
  • Call monitoring:In order to jump on the bandwagon of customer-centricity to provide top-of-the-line customer services, call centre managers must develop their team skills to focus on customer needs. For this, it is important to consistently monitor customer care agent call and work on improving their performance level. In excellent call centre solutions , call monitoring is metric that allows a manager to listen to a live call without the agent or caller knowing. This practice is quite helpful when it comes to monitoring the call for quality assurance and training purposes. Managers at the call centre, train call centre agents after monitoring the calls.
  • Call recording:It is true that call monitoring is a great metric to improve quality, but not enough for busy managers who don’t have time to listen to the live calls. Herein, the perfect solution to maintain call quality is call recording. Call recording allows managers to keep track on each agent, irrespective of the fact that when they work or where they work.Managers can listen to the recorded message when they have time and provide necessary feedback in order to improve their skills and deliver the excellent customer services.

Adopting customer-centric approach is very crucial to remain competitive and achieve the new heights ofsuccess. With right tools, you can ensure top-notch customer experience that improve bottom lines.

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