Importance of Keeping your Customer Info and Applications on a Centralized Salesforce DB

It takes a lot of effort and money for every business organization to bring in new customers to their sales pipeline. However, when it comes to building brand loyalty, it is a very challenging task to accomplish. How can brand loyalty be facilitated successfully and widely? This is one question all the salespeople having in their minds. For this, all you need to do is to maintain a good customer retention strategy. Making such a strategy is very important for any business to progress. You may be having your customers not subscribing to your Facebook or LinkedIn pages. It may be a painful affair to let them go off your business. This is a reason why we will discuss some tips here to keep your customers with Salesforce.

There are many advantages of using Salesforce, the No.1 CRM software in the world. Having such a platform is a privilege for any business, but it should be used wisely and productivity to enjoy the best benefits. So, let us discuss some tips to keep your customers steadily on Salesforce.

Keep all your software Systems on centralized DB

You need to be organized and have a 360-degree view of the customer data on a single platform. You may integrate Salesforce with all available apps like Mailchimp, Google Cloud, DocuSign, and Dropbox, etc. This is an ideal move to ensure that the customer service team is updated about each customer on the CRM.

Unlike olden times where the sales and marketing teams worked independently, no they are largely collaborated and united. Thanks to the features of Salesforce with which everyone has access to the centralized database by incorporating information from various departments. Live details of the customer status like their purchase history, current position in sales pipeline, activities, and everything available on a single accessible platform.

Personalized customer interactions

Once you have enough data from interactions with various customers, you can leverage the advanced Salesforce mailing features to personalize your emails. With this, you may make your customers feel more valued and important. As per a Flosum survey conducted, about 91% of the customers are likely to shop with brands that acknowledge their loyalty and provide relevant offers. About 80% of the consumers are likely to buy from the same brand, which had given them a personalized experience.

So, you should try to give your buyers a personalized experience with the help of their search history and send product suggestions and special offers to them. By using the email Studio of Salesforce, you can easily plan the campaigns on Marketing Cloud. If you use the mailing tools like MailChimp, you can easily integrate Salesforce to manage mail subscribers. What is most advantageous about this platform is that you may get the option to create custom layouts and send the most relevant emails to the followers.

Connect with them on social media

Emotionally engaging with your customers on social media will further humanize your brand approach. There are many other benefits of being on social media as it improves visibility, and it will help the salespeople to know your customers better. With the Social Customer Service tool, you can leverage its features to manage and handle the social media channels of your brand and provide a high-quality connection with your followers.

Whenever your customers and followers try to reach you out online, they are updated easily with what was happening live in your business. This type of approach may also bring in more brand loyalty and keep your customers engaged on social media. A business may remain simply as a friend who is reachable and available to assist at any time.

Along with these, you can also view the customer profiles on your Salesforce dashboard. It is also beneficial to check this to add a personal touch to your conversations with them. You will also see their interests at the snapshot and what posts they usually make to understand the customers better and personalize your approach.

Service cloud to be used as a customer service platform

Now you know the importance of integrating the software systems into a unified Salesforce DB, you need to consider integrating customer service platforms with Service Cloud. Service Cloud will let the users find the data and important topics at once. It will also help to maintain an overview of the buyers from different devices and channels.

The ideal way to retain the customers is not only with marketing services but also with customer service. Using the Service Cloud, customer service departments will be able to get complete information about the customers, which will help them track their problems and find solutions. You may notice that all the data is available in one organized place.

Tracing the customer engagement

You can also follow customer interactions on Salesforce by sorting them based on the date of the previous contacts. On this platform, it is also simple to trace the customers events even when their last engagement was six months ago. Tracking the dates and times will help you see which approach will work the best for the different customers. Besides all these, you can also use this to give them some time offers during the effective engagement. Using this approach will also help to know about the most valuable Strategies for sales and marketing. It will also help you to plan the right time for different customer approaches. You may also get some insights by tracking the changes based on the leads and source categories. This is a good approach to stay updated with the timeline of different followers.

Along with these strategies, you may also take care of keeping your customers updated about what is happening in your business and also pay attention to the inactive subscribers to try and get them back active. If you find customers relieving, you should know why they are living and try to resolve that. You may also take customer feedback and improve customer service by answering the key performance indicators. With a centralized database, you will manage all these things in a unified and unique manner.

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