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Hybrid PGDM: Breaking the barrier of distance in education

PGDM courses have been gaining traction in the management education sector owing to the hands-on learning experience and the in-depth industry exposure it offers. Unlike MBA courses, the PGDM programs are usually offered by autonomous colleges and institutions because of which the course curriculum changes constantly as per the changing industry trends. Therefore, a PGDM student has the upper hand of being aware of the current business environment.

While the studentsresiding in the urban areas can easily pursue this management course, there are people in the rural areas comprising over half of the country’s population who don’t have the means and resources to pursue it and add to that the working professionals and people with time constraintson them due to other commitments such as family, kids, work-life, health issues etc.

Addressing these issues, Jaro Education, a Mumbai-based education service provider, offers a 24 months long Hybrid PGDM coursein collaboration with WeSchool. “The Hybrid PGDM course aims to overcome the boundaries of distance and cost by combining online and offline study formats and enabling distance learners to learn conveniently,” says an education counsellor at Jaro Education.

Overview of the program

The Hybrid PGDM course by Jaro Education is curated for the working executives to transform them into world-class managers. With hybrid learning mode, flexible examination timing and workshops and events on weekends, this course is ideal for working professionalsand an ideal substitute forthe Executive MBA program.

The duration of the course is 24 months, and the candidates ought to have graduated from a recognised national or international university to be eligible to pursue this course.

Value propositions of the course

  • Virtual learning – By harnessing the technological capabilities of Jaro Education, participants can interact with their professors online as per their convenience. You will also be provided with the online study material that isconcise and easy to comprehend. Online video lectures will also be available for quick referencing and extended learning.
  • Personal contact programs – Students will also be given the choice to interact with professors and subject-matter experts in person at the campus. With this, you can get your doubts cleared easily on any concept.
  • Experiential learning –In addition to offering both online and face to face learning, the curriculum of Hybrid PGDM course also includes workshops and events which are held occasionally on weekends, wherein you get to interact with industry experts for a better insight. It also facilitates hands-on learning experience through industry visits and business simulations, thus equipping you with the skills relevant to the industry.

Blended learning is gaining immense popularity in the management education sphere. There are several working professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills but are refrained from doing so due to several factors. Hybrid PGDM course not only offers convenient and flexible learning experience but also adds value to the experienced professionals.

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