How to write a thesis in APA format?

How to write a thesis in APA format?
The American psychological association is one of the most famous styles for psychology, education and social sciences. There are a lot of things to consider while writing a thesis in APA format. For the success of your thesis you will have to make sure that the format of your thesis is correct. Some of the points to follow while writing thesis in APA format are:
Cover Page:-
·         Running Head: – The running head is a summary. This should not be more than 50 characters. You have to include all major points in this summary like what the aim of your writing or your article.
·         Title: – There should be a title of your writing, that should not be more than 15 words and it should be in the middle of the page, the title should be in uppercase and lowercase letter. That should be equal distance from the right and left side.
·         The abstract comes just before the introduction of the thesis. It should be in between 150-180 word.
·         The abstract is required pre-discover the information about your thesis.
·         The keyword describes the topic which will cover, in the thesis and make easier to describe your thesis. In this, you can find the data from your pre-discover information.
·         Everybody can choose the data as per your ability and they can mention after or just before the abstract.
·         There should be no extra space between sections.
Page Number:-
·         You have to mention the pages information in your running head.
·         You can use the different-differentdissertation formattingof heading in your thesis like uppercase, lowercase, boldface and Intended etc.
Tables and Images:-
·         It can be a good idea to show you images and tables and you can easily include your drawing and photograph. You can include your table.
·         You have to avoid the long quotes, you can give preference paragraph rather than quotes. If you are using quotes, that should not be more than 40 words.
Reference List:-
·         Your reference list should be on the top of the page. That should be the end of the thesis, you have to arrange the entries in alphabetical by the writer’s name.

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