How To Write a Great Children’s Book?

So you have decided that you want to write a children’s book. Is it a decision you made due to your interests or just because someone said that writing children’s book is easier? There is a misconception among many writers that writing a book for children is an easy route to get success, but reality is completely different.

This is a highly competitive field due to the presence of thousands of writers having the same goal. But you can still shine in this competitive market by taking it as a challenge and writing a great book that children will love to read.

The objective behind writing a children’s book is to offer learning resources that delight them and inspire them. This needs a special approach and passion for what you are writing. Here are some tips to help you write an impressive and engaging book for children.

  1. Market research and brainstorming

This includes everything from the list of topics for the kids to the best seller books in the market, your interest area and the type of book. Visit different book stores having dedicated section of children’s books and spend some time there to understand the market for kid’s books. It will help you get answers to many questions like:

  • Will you write a text-only book or a book with illustrations?
  • Will you write a fiction or non-fiction book?
  1. Read literature

The best source of information for children’s books is literature. It will help you know what children are reading nowadays and write your book accordingly. If you plan to write a fiction book, read as many classics as you can. Go back in time and read some highly popular books. You can also take help of school book publisher to get an idea of what is trending in the market.

  1. Define a target market

‘Children’s books’ is a broad term and covers everything from school books to story books, novels, factual books and chapter books. To pick a right plot, theme and content for your book, you need to understand your target market, which is possible only when you define the age group that you want to serve with your books. Selection of an age group will also help you write relatable stories.

  1. Spend time with your target audience

The best resource to know about someone’s habits and likings is the person himself/herself. Same is the case with your target audience. To find out what your target audience likes, you should spend some time with them and get into conversations with the age group of children for whom you want to write the book. Ask them about the type of books they read, how they choose them and what they like the most about the books like the images, content etc.

  1. Clearly define the beginning, middle and the end

Just writing the situations like a girl went to a school; learned a few things and goes to the bed at night is not a story at all. You need to make it engaging by creating a smooth flow of the activities to hold the attention of the readers, which is possible only when you are clear with the beginning, middle and the end of the story.

  1. Use simple English

Keep your target audience in your mind when writing a children’s book. You are writing for school kids and make it appropriate for that age. There is a huge different between writing for a five-year-old child and a college graduate. If you want to cater to a specific age group, choose your language according to them. The right technique is to keep things simple.

Good books aren’t written overnight. It needs a lot of hard-work, research, and efforts even after you are done with the writing process. After writing the book, you need to find the best school book publishers in India to get your book printed. So, plan everything in advance and follow the outline to complete the whole process effortlessly.

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