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How To Wear A Tracksuit Set

Tracksuits were initially designed to be used in sports. Athletes tracksuit set would wear them over their competition clothes for practices.

Nylon and polyester are now the most used fabrics for tracksuits and activewear because they are more breathable, lightweight, and sweat-wicking. Cotton tracksuits are also popular.

However, tracksuits these days can be worn in other contexts, such as physical exercise sessions or even casual wear.

Tracksuit In Fashion

The tracksuit set has come in and out of fashion trends over the years. However, they have since been accepted to wear outside the gym since the 1960s and 1970s.

In the early 2000s, tracksuit sets became associated with grime music and its related culture in the UK, leading to this style of clothing being associated with gang culture.

Prominent designers have also been asked to design tracksuits for Olympic team athletes, usually for those representing one country.

In 2010, they became especially popular as “athleisure” trends and had become the perfect mixture for comfort, style, and luxury.

Athleisure outfits “look like athletic wear” that are more fashionable. The idea for their use is to take gym clothes and make their way into becoming a more significant part of the everyday wardrobe.

Wearing the Tracksuit

  • Tracksuits as Active Wear

Tracksuits are known to be worn as part of an active ensemble, but that does not mean one can throw an old hoodie and sweatpants combination to go with the weekend look.

Track pants from popular brands are now tapered for a more streamlined silhouette to help individuals look athletic.

Pair the pants with a fitted workout tee or a stylish zip-up hoodie. This overall look makes the activewear seem more streamlined and more appropriate to use outside the gym.

  • Tracksuits as Casual Wear

The tracksuit set has moved beyond couch clothes and gym gear. Because it is very comfortable to use, travellers and hipsters love using them as day wear.

However, you may not want to dive in with an entire ensemble. Instead, mix and match them with more fitted items, such as a fitted sweater with track pants or pairing the tracksuit jacket with jeans or shorts. Use contrasting fabrics to elevate them while still maintaining a relaxed vibe.

  • Tracksuits for the Sneaker Head

Tracksuits can sometimes look a little too plain, which is why many want to add flair to their outfits by accessorizing with the right kinds of footwear. For example, statement sneakers can make them look more put together or dressed up.

When using tracksuits for day wear, classic sneakers are the best fit, especially if they are thrown together with a tapered pair of track pants or plain shirts. Add a vest and a classic pair of sunglasses, and they can take their gym style to brunch.

Accessorizing The Tracksuit

The key for accessorizing a tracksuit set it to keep it to a minimum. A baseball cap, sunglasses, or a duffel bag will ensure a more laid-back aesthetic. Use accessories only to liven up the tracksuit or to inject some elegance into the casual look.

The rising interest in health and fitness has become the catalyst for sportswear brands to utilize the opportunity to introduce and improve better apparel and gear. Additionally, by creating a more devoted lifestyle, brands can garner customer loyalty.

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