How to Use Movavi Mac Cleaner to Speed Up Your Mac

It is natural for a Mac to slow down after just a few months especially if you frequently use your Mac for your small business. The Mac does not have a registry like Windows but it also needs regular cleaning in order for every process to run smoothly. The more frequently you use your Mac, the more often you should clean up the hard drive. Keeping the Mac fast at all time is essential if you want to get you work done efficiently. If the system is slow, you will have a hard time completing your job on the Mac OS X computer. The solution to a fast Mac is to use the Movavi Mac Cleaner.

If you regularly access the internet and never clear the history, chances are there are a lot of cookies and caches stored on your computer hard drive. Movavi Mac Cleaner can detect these files and help you to remove them in a second without causing any lagging issue. When you run the software, it will take a few seconds to scan your computer to see if you need to cleanup the system. If the software recommends you cleanup the system, you will see the blue clickable Start Cleaning button which you can click to start the cleaning process.
After it has scanned your computer, you can see how much sizes these unused files are taking up on your computer by the categories. Some of the different types of unused files that Movavi Mac Cleaner can clean up are photos in the iPhoto folder, languages that you don’t need, large files that you have not open for a long time, duplicate file, and hidden trash. It will also state the number of unnecessary apps on your hard drive that you should be uninstalling.
The Uninstaller in Movavi Mac Cleaner allows you to uninstall apps that are outdated, and you no longer need to use for your business. For example, you can use the uninstaller to uninstall widgets that is consuming a lot of memory. You can also clean up apps that you don’t need to launch on startup to reduce the load on your computer during the startup.
The new Mac and a lot of programs that are installed on your hard drive come with preinstalled language packs. Language packs are big files that can take up hundreds of gigabytes on your hard disk. Most people just use one or two language and you can delete other language packs like Albanian, Azerbaijani, Basque and etc.
Movavi Mac Cleaner has a duplicate file finder tool that can search for duplicate files and photos that are taking up the precious hard disk space on your Mac computer. It can scan the iPhoto library for duplicate images under different names. This will be really useful for you if you have a large collection of photos in the iPhoto library as it will take a lot of time to go through every single photo and preview it if you are to remove them manually. It can cause soreness on your wrist if you keep on having to delete the duplicate file manually.

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