How To Manage Anger?

Anger is an emotional response that happens with everyone. Anger generally creates havoc and brings in tension in a person’s life. Anger is a common emotion that you often experience and it is normal to be angry for all human beings. Psychologists say that it is important for you to distinguish the difference between bad anger and healthy anger. Expressing anger often becomes important however the trouble arises when there is no self control. If anger is not managed properly, the relationship may be damaged forever.
Famous psychologist in the USA, Jim Mitchell says that it is very important for you to manage your anger in a rational and calm manner. The first thing you must do is to first identify your anger. The moment you admit your anger, you are in a better position to control it. Once you are mature and take the responsibility of your anger, you are able to own up to it and later implement ways to control it with success. 
He says that it is important for you to be aware of anger issues. There are some specific times when the individual is overcome with anger that he or she may require outside help for its management. In case, you have issues with violence or your partner is very abusive, it is important for you to seek for professional help. He says that there are several institutes where anger management classes are held and you may attend them to address your anger issues. There are professionals like him that hold counseling sessions and they help you cope with your anger issues in a healthy manner. They will also make you understand what triggers off anger and they will help you cope with anger problems in practical ways.
He says that if you are angry, it is important for you to inform the other person tactfully. You should never scream at the other person that you care about or physically harm the individual. In short, you should not intimidate the other person that you love. There are ways via which you can communicate to the other person and say that you are angry. This can be done via listening and speaking. Both of you can communicate with one another and set up boundaries that are mutually agreed. He says that you have the ability to react and unleash your anger in a positive manner. You should not be negative or disrespectful in any way. 
Jim Mitchell says that it is crucial for you to first understand how to manage and control anger in different circumstances in a relationship. You must note that venting out anger is one thing however taking it out on another individual is another thing especially if you do so in a disrespectful manner. This will jeopardize your ability to communicate effectively. If you allow your anger to completely control you, it will be hard for you to ever earn the respect, attention and affection of another person. This is detrimental for your social interactions as well. 

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