How to Make your Baby Sleep Comfortably for Long Hours?

The more they sleep the better they grow and more become healthier. This statement holds true for babies. Especially, the new born babies, who are expected to sleep for at least 16 hours a day.

Most of the newborns do sleep for such long time, but they sleep in small periods which basically lasts for 3-4 hours.

Many cultures of the world prescribe the mother sleeping with the baby, although it is very risky as it may cause choking of the infant due to strangling or suffocation. The mothers usually are sleep deprived due to the newborn but when they fall asleep even for some time, they fall into deep sleep and might not realize that they have suffocated the child.

To avoid such accidents that might lead to the choking and death of the child, it is advisable to use baby cribs, which are available in various types, with different patterns and style.

Types of baby cot sets:

Standard Baby Cribs:

This is available with one or two layer drop size for easy placing and taking out of the baby from the crib.

Convertible Baby Cribs:

There are cribs that can be converted into bigger size once the infant grows up and usually can be used by the baby for 4-5 years. Also, there are cribs that can be converted fully into an adult cot, but obviously that costs more than the usual cribs.

Moses Basket Cots:

They are named after those baskets carried by Moses down the river and its construction are also very similar to that basket. These are the common types of baby cots. They are made up of soft cloth with some foam filling in it. They are cost-effective, available in many colours and patterns and is very easily packed and carried.

Carry Cots and Double Carry Cots:

They are also very cosy and comfortable like the Moses basket and also the construction is very similar, but it is more tougher below and have wheels attached to it. The wheels make it easier to move it around while you are walking, with the baby comfortably seated or lying down in the cot.

For twins there are double carry cots, to easily handle and give attention to both the kids.

Co-Sleeper Cot:

As the name suggests, these are cots on which the baby can sleep next to the mother. This cot is fixed just next to your bed and you can be closer to the baby, yet there will be no danger of you doing nay harm to the child and have a peaceful sleep.

Choose a mattress that leaves a one-finger gap with the cot. When there is a two finger gap, the mattress needs to be changed.

What are the safety measurements to be taken?

• The distance between the cot slats should be at least 6 cm.

• From preventing the baby to fall, the drop sides should be 23 cm above the mattress and 66 cm when raised.

• It should have one hand locking system, to support the baby with the other hand.

Out of the extensive range of cots available, you need to select one that fits your demand and requirement. Be responsible parent by considering your child’s safety and security.

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