How to Lower Blood Sugar Without Medication?

The best way to manage diabetes effectively is to regularly monitor and control blood sugar or blood glucose level. However, the blood glucose level is sure to rise when you are diabetic and controlling the same becomes very challenging. There are various ways of lowering your blood sugar level- both natural as well as medicated ways.
In this article, we shall explore the natural ways in which the blood sugar or glucose level can be lowered. Following are the natural ways of achieving the same:

  • Physical activity and exercise is the best natural way to achieving the desired level of blood glucose in the body. When you exercise regularly, there is a smooth flow of blood in the body and the muscles are able to utilize and garner energy in the most productive manner.
  • Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated with natural drinks will also go a long way in helping you lower your blood glucose levels.when you remain dehydrated, your body is functioned to absorb and produce more and more sugar, thereby increasing the amount of blood glucose or blood sugar.
  • Choosing and eating food which have a low value of glycemic index also helps in lowering the amount of blood glucose and blood sugar in the body. Foods with low glycemic index are the ones which do not contain a lot of carbohydrates and are not harmful to your body. Few examples of food with low glycemic index are:
  • Oats
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Use of herbs is also known to lower the blood sugar and glucose level in the body. Some of the best herbs to control sugar level include the following:
  • Cloves: This herb is known to protect the heart and the liver due to a high content of antioxidants present. Cloves are also known to be anti-inflammatory and have several digestive benefits for those who suffer from diabetes.
  • Cinnamon:This Indian spice is known to improve the sensitivity of the all-important hormone Insulin in a diabetic patient.
  • Oregano:Oregano is considered to be one of the best herbs which lower the blood pressure naturally. It helps in doing so by reducing and even preventing the oxidation of lipids in the blood. 
  • Garlic:By reducing cholesterol, serum glucose, uric acid, triglycerides, garlic plays a big role in reducing the blood pressure of the human body. 
  • Sage: This herb is considered to be a replacement for the medicine, Metformin. Moderate amount of this herb goes a long way in controlling high blood pressure and its adverse effects.
  • Ginger:Apart from helping in digestion, ginger is known to reduce the blood sugar levels. It does so by reducing bad cholesterol, serum glucose and increasing good cholesterol in the body. 
  • Turmeric:With its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, the Indian spice can help a great deal in reducing the raised blood pressure, particularly by those suffering from diabetes. The herb reduces HbA1C as well as plasma glucose levels giving the most advantage to the patients.

These herbs play a huge role in diabetes self-caring if you do not want to take any kind of medication.

  • Another natural way to treat diabetes and to lower blood sugar level is to choose a diet that is rich in minerals such as chromium and magnesium. These minerals help in boosting and promoting the metabolism of our body and in turn, helping to keep the blood glucose levels under control. Foods which are rich in these minerals include eggs particularly the yolk, avocados, fish, dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables, bananas, fish, amongst a host of other foods.
  • Besides the above herbal treatments for diabetes, controlling your stress levels, getting adequate rest and sleep is also very important inmaintaining the overall health of the body and thereby a healthy blood pressure.

Thus, as is clear from the above article, there are natural ways to treat diabetes and several herbs that can help to lower the blood sugar levels. All you need is medical advice to help you determine what shall suit you and in what quantity!

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