How To Keep Room Cool In Summer without AC and Cooler

In hot summers, when the humidity and intense heat make it impossible to sit comfortably even in homes, then air conditioning is considered as a great invention for cooling. No doubt it is a luxury, but air conditioning also has some harmful side effects. The sudden changes in temperature affect the respiratory system and air conditioning can also a cause of allergic reactions. Moreover, air conditioners and coolers use tons of energy and lead to higher energy bills. This is why these are not the best solutions to keep cool. Read on to find some true strategies and tried tricks to beat the heat without AC and cooler.
Shading the Windows
When searching that how to keep a room cool in summer without AC and cooler, the best solution you’ll find is shading your windows. There are several ways to shading the windows such as roof overhangs and awnings, automates blinds, planting trees around the house or more. These are good and affordable options to keep the house cool in the hot summer days.
Install Heat Reflective Windows or Films
I Install insulated window films to keep my house cool. It is the best option because insulated custom glass windows are cost effective and a smart purchase as they add value to the home. They block light and absorb less heat and keep the home cool. If you’re planning a home renovation, consider insulating your home well.
Install and Use Fan Strategically
Fans are a great way to move air around the home. If installed and used properly, fans can create a chill breeze effect. Consider placing a fan across from a window that will circulate cool air in at night. Additionally, you can increase the efficiency of ceiling fans by setting them to rotate in a clockwise direction. So adjust the counterclockwise rotation in the summers at a higher speed to enjoy a wind-chill breeze effect. If you have a basement in your house, then install a ventilator fan in the basement to push that cold air into the house.
Ditch the Incandescent Lights
The incandescent lights are very popular these days, but these lights waste about 90% of their energy in heat. So, consider replacing them with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting and overhead lighting to keep your house cool and save energy bills as well.
Reduce Indoor Humidity
In order to make a home cooler, it is important to reduce the humidity. Try to minimize the midday washing, drying, cooking and showering because the large appliances consume energy and increase the room temperature. Don’t forget to turn on the ventilating fan while washing, cooking or drying the clothes. The ventilating fan extracts the warm air.
Turn Off Heat Generating Lights and Appliances
The heat generating appliances and lights consume more energy. So, take the advantage of natural light and turn off all the extra lights and appliances like oven, refrigerator or other appliances unless you need them. This will keep your home cooler by reducing the amount of heat.

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