How to Get the Best Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a rampant problem in the country. According to reports, nearly 23.5 million Americans, which imply one in ten persons above the age of 12 are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
Addiction is defined as a complicated brain disease which is driven neuro-chemically and features long term changes in brain which impedes a person’s ability to think clearly and control behavior. Affected persons of alcohol addiction experience intense cravings for alcohol.
Majority of people are confused where to seek help for alcohol addiction treatment. Rehab centers are also hard to find for a person who needs out-patient detox centers nearby.
Consider following features of a good rehab center for alcohol addiction before undertaking treatment programs:

  • Reasonable cost and high quality:While cost of treatment is a serious concern, the quality of treatment is also very important. Your budget is a limiting factor and so you need to find good value for money. Search for treatment with well experienced and qualified professionals and a program that is effective and evidence based. Also, ascertain whether treatment will be covered by insurance and what part of treatment will be covered by your present insurer.
  • Experienced and licensed provider of treatment: make enquiries about education and experience of staff like doctors, nurses, psychologist and counselors at the treatment facility. The best treatment programs can afford to employ high quality staff.
  • Options for in-patient and out-patient treatment: Your best bet for alcohol addiction treatment is in-patient program. Inpatient program offers overnight care and mostly provides services for detoxification and highly structured treatment that helps one recover faster. Out-patient treatment is effective often when it is used after in-patient treatment.
  • Integrated treatment: It is available only in select rehab programs. It works by treating both the addiction and the underlying factors contributing to addiction. This treatment can treat alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. This method has witnessed success in most complicated cases of alcohol addiction.
  • Follow up care and support: Search for alumni programs, special helpline for patients who have undergone treatment and for follow-up counseling. Enquire about plans for discharge and what needs to be done after patient leaves rehab.

The best alcohol rehab centershave certain common characteristics. They are:

  • Wide options-like facilities for partial hospitalization and intensive outpatientand in-patient services. This includesoutpatient rehab alcohol
  • Daily treatment engagements and support for most crucial phases of rehab program.
  • Psychiatric care specializing in de-addiction to deal with therapeutic needs like co-occurring disorders.
  • Presence of experienced and qualified professionals including counselors and therapists.
  • Educational support for handling issues like parenting, managing finances, sustainable living and right nutrition.
  • Helps in designing an ideal routine of daily life of recovering addicts.
  • Gets families involved in therapies and programs.
  • An open environment that welcomes people of all creeds, genders, cultures and orientations.
  • After care services to help patients stay sober.

Alcohol addiction changes the life of a person and his family. The addiction periodseriously impacts normal functioning of a person which must be addressed by rehab and after care therapies. Rehab must be total and thorough before long term recovery can be achieved.

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