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How To Evaluate The Best Business Intelligence (BI) Software?

Business intelligence is garnering a lot of attention from decision makers. But, what we actually mean by this term which is resonating everywhere? Business intelligence (BI) is a blend of processes, applications, and methodologies which helps to transform data into meaningful insights to enable businesses to make the right decisions at the right time. These tools help analyze data and present findings in intuitive dashboards, reports, graphs, charts and other interesting ways which are easy to read and grasp.

However, best business analysis software is not just about generating reports. It helps decision-makers to plan the event and examine the loopholes and even drill down in details. It is more about studying and analyzing data and using it for actionable insights. Do we need business intelligence software?  Yes!

If we have to answer why businesses require BI, it has to be enabling better business decisions. Irrespective of their size, businesses can reap the maximum benefits of business intelligence to run actionable insights. It is no surprise that earlier business intelligence tools were confined to large organizations only, however technological progress have empowered SMEs to run critical insights with these smart tools.

Interestingly, there is a much hype surrounding big data, advanced analytics, AI, robotics and machine learning, the demand for BI is growing at a staggering pace and continue to scale further.

As per Gartner “Self-Service Analytics and BI Users Will Produce More Analysis Than Data Scientists Will by 2019”. 

How you go ahead with the right business intelligence tool? The market is flooded with BI tools. However, you must always invest in robust, scalable, secure, high-performing, easy to use BI tool only. So, there has to be something special in these analytics tools which are empowering businesses in one way or the another.

To begin, first, you should select a BI platform based on factors such as size, budget, nature, need, challenges, and complexity of operations.

Let’s quickly find out some of the factors which you can decide while you go for the next BI tool.


Security is paramount for any business and we know it. Your BI tool must be secure enough to handle sensitive business data and information. At the same time, it should be easily accessible.

Multiple-platform compatible

The next step to check out is to know its compatibility with multiple platforms. Your BI application must be smart enough to analyze and report on data from multiple sources.

Drill down to details

For a BI tool to generate value, it must be able to render insights quickly and reliably.

Ease to use

It is equally important that the tool is easy to use, deploy and your users can access it on the go.


Your BI application should scale as your business needs grow without involving much cost and disruption.

If you agree with Gartner that BI tools such as Tableau are a great one to have for your business, then you must look for one who provides the best Tableau software in India. Whether you want to drive your business forward or find opportunities in your business like never before, Tableau is a solution call for everything.  So, take a step forward to drive informed and agile decisions, learn more about how you can use it to empower your business.

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