How to Create Jaw Dropping Mannequin Displays

Mannequins are basically statues that can be utilized as standing models in order to display great clothing lines by brands successfully. They are low cost solutions that succeed in portraying an average human’s dimensions, using which brands or shops can provide ideas to their potential clients about fashion dressing and ultimately attract them in store to sell them their products. Modern innovations in the mannequin manufacture industry has yielded mannequins that come in various sizes, age groups, sexes and even positions. Seeing a running position or working out position mannequin in the display window of a sports brand is not unusual, also different age group mannequins including baby, teenage and adult mannequins together with each other are easily found in display windows of casual or formal clothing brands. Display units by brands are meant to attract people inside shops by engaging them in the style and dressing options highlighted by the mannequins. For various brands across the world it is essential to have attractive display units that succeed in attracting customers in the shops where they will buy the brand’s products. Here are a few ideas on how to create jaw dropping mannequin displays:

Make a Style Statement

Every brand or shop has a distinctive style about what type of clothing products they sell and how they market themselves. This should be portrayed very effectively and boldly by the mannequin display at the front of the store. Brands should display whatever style of clothing they sell efficiently and make their style statement using the mannequins in the display units. Successful examples of this are the sports mannequin displays at Nike or Adidas where they use mannequins that portray human beings working out or running playing their respective sports while wearing their best quality and design sports clothing. Similarly a Polo or Denim outlet has a number of standing up doing casual things mannequins that often have their hands in shape of when a human uses their smartphones etc. These are meant to portray casual and average human beings wearing the brand’s clothing and being casual about it. This tends to make a punchy statement about the style of the brand and is an effective tip on how to create jaw dropping mannequin displays.

Make them Too Obvious

Any person with an intelligent mind will tell you, to be noticed you have to be seen and to be seen you have to be obvious enough. Some brands tend to make their mannequin displays look decent and not too much in the face by displaying lighter easy on the eye colors and painting the display units themselves in soft colors, this is one instance where decency might not be a good practice. To become more obvious the displays have to be in fast, eye catching colors and the lighting inside them also has to make them more prominent. On top of that, brands can consider installing head turning objects inside the display units, like a colorful fountain or a waterfall background with real water flowing from the top also making the waterfall sounds. These are eyes attracting tricks and will successfully attract customers to take their first look at the display unit, the rest has to be followed up through displaying the very best quality and design clothing on the mannequins. Both these steps are absolutely significant, they should be given appropriate attention.

Catchy Colors will do the Trick

Once you have created eye catching display units and placed just the right number of mannequins in the display, the next step is to dress the mannequins up in colors that will make them obvious as well. Keep in mind it is not the mannequins only that will catch the eye of the customers, it is the whole theme of the display unit. In case you have colored your display unit in lighter fresh colors, ensure to contrast the colors of the mannequin clothing in a way that it is easily view able but still in eye catching nature. A good example is mixing lemon green display unit with bright red or darker orange mannequin dressing. First thing that will happen is customers will be attracted by the fast colored layout and then it will be particularly easy for them to examine the design and other aspects of the clothing on the mannequins because it is easy to see contrasting colors. In case the brad went with a waterfall backdrop, they should consider very fast and day colored clothing for their mannequins, this will complete the look and the colors will be catchy enough to easily attract a lot of eyes towards them.

Bring the WOW Effect

When looking for ideas on how to create a jaw dropping mannequin displays, the most impacting one that has to be kept in mind is bringing out the WOW factor from people walking by. The mannequin industry has innovated a great deal in the past few decades and in the modern day there is availability of mannequins for sale that almost defy possibility. 3D mannequins look absolutely stunning and are full of the WOW effect for everyone that lays their eyes on them. Ever looked at the famous 3D picture of Christiano Ronaldo, that’s what the 3D mannequins will look like in real life. Their sharp edges and very realistic design will make the whole display unit much more attractive for anyone who passes by. The important thing to be considered with these 3D mannequins is that the maximum amount of their own body has to be shown, this means that you should as less clothing on them as possible. A sleeveless vest with a very short shorts will do the trick nicely, or for female 3D mannequins just displaying the most revealing clothing like a deep neck short dress that is also backless or wherever appropriate only utilize them to display the jewelry or the accessories that the brand also sells is a great idea as well. Remember the purpose is to only get the people in the shop, and when they are finally there, they can be sold any appropriate and adequate clothing that the brand specializes in.

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