How to Clean Your Marble Worktops

You chose marble worktops for your London home because of the elegance that they added to the look of your kitchen. If you prepare many meals in your home, you know that chopping vegetables, mixing baking ingredients, and preparing other foods makes this one of the messiest areas of your home. Because you do a lot of cooking in your kitchen it’s important that you clean your marble regularly so that it remains a sanitary area in which to prepare food. You should never use the same products that you use in other areas of your kitchen because of their strong chemical base that can damage your marble or cause discolouration. How can you keep your marble worktops clean? Use the tips that follow to guide you to keeping your marble sanitary and looking like new.

  • For proper cleaning of marble worktops in London homes like yours, reputable suppliers recommend using a sponge, warm water, and some mild dish soap for initial cleaning. Have a dry cloth handy to wipe down the marble once you have saturated it with water so that all food particles, unsightly grease, and other residue can be removed safely. This should be repeated at least twice so that your marble will look as good as new after cleaning. Also remember to do this after each time that you prepare a meal in your home. This prevents build-up and makes maintaining the shine of marble much easier.
  • From time to time you may notice a stain on your marble. To handle this cleaning task, pour some baking soda into a bowl, add a little water to make a paste on the worktop, and spread the baking soda paste evenly over the stain. Baking soda is a natural cleaning substance that pulls stains from your marble without damaging it. Use a cloth saturated with warm water and wipe off the paste. If stains remain, just repeat the process until the stain is totally removed from your marble.
  • To finish the cleaning of your marble, you should use a large absorbent towel to first dry and then buff the entire surface. Make sure that all soap and other cleaning products have been thoroughly removed before you begin to buff the marble. You should also check to see that no debris or residue remains that can scratch the surface of your marble. Use short circular motions that will take away any water spots or unsightly smears from the cleaning that you just did. You can view your marble worktops from various angles as you buff with your towel to make sure that you are covering all of the areas on the surface. Work in a methodical pattern from back to front so that you won’t go over any area more than another and your work will be finished as you move toward the front of the worktop. Remember that the more often you clean your marble the easier it will be to keep it looking beautiful.

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