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How To Choose The Perfect Bra?

Bras are not just worn for their comfort or support, and they also help make a woman feel sexy, beautiful, and confident. More times than often, women are ill-educated about what size of bra to pick. A bra size calculator is a professional chart or a sliding tool that can help women understand what size fits them perfectly. It just takes a few measurements of the bust and the underbust to get going. Here are some points to consider while selecting the best perfect bra!

Guide to selecting bras:

Size: This is the first factor to consider since it can help one understand what bra style they require. A bra size calculator uses a tool that lets one find their size by measuring their size first above the breast and then right under it to figure out the circumference. This size is denoted in a manner where the circumference length is followed by the cup size, which is just the protrusion of the breasts.

Different stores can offer different sizing materials depending on their brands. Make sure to look for calculators or try them on before purchase. Choosing the wrong size can be extremely suffocating and is also one of the causes of breast cancer. Make sure to find the right size!

Type: There are several types of bras, each with different use or aesthetics for any occasion. Here are some basic types:

  • Push-up bras: These bras are used to push breasts together and to make them look fuller. It has slight padding underneath it composed of foam or gel that takes up space by pushing the breasts closer. They are perfect for deep neck dresses or shirts when one wants their breasts pumped for a sexier look.
  • T-shirt bras: They are regular bras with light padding that are comfortable and supporting at the same time. They give the breasts shape, while the padding is the best for tighter dresses since it keeps exposure to the minimum.
  • Lace bras: Lace bras have different types of patterns and stitches filled with various lace all across. They can either be subtle or exaggerated for effect. They are usually worn under similar colour dresses since a little exposing would not harm the look but make it sexier. It is the perfect bra to wear to a date or take oneself out since self-confidence is the best kind of confidence.
  • Sports bras: These bras stick tight to the skin and are meant for athletic activities to contain the breasts and reduce pain. They can be worn to the gym or for a run, too, since they expose very little and are perfect for physical outdoor activities.
  • Strapless bras: These bras come in various backless versions. More types where the straps are invisible so more skin can be exposed while also providing appropriate support by either being stuck on the skin with adhesives or having a tight back strap.

There are many other types like underwires, plunge bras, non-padded bras, bralettes, demi cups, full cup bras and much more. It is necessary to choose the best kind for whatever the occasion is.

Bras are known to reduce backaches and support the breasts by reducing tension and stress to the lower back and shoulders. But on the other hand, a wrong sized bra can always exemplify these pains and be harmful to the body’s physical wellness. Make sure to invest in the best size and type!

Author Name: Hannah Gilbert

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