Stud earrings for women

How To Choose Fashion Earrings That Flatter Your Face?

In today’s fashionable world, there are innumerable ways of styling your earrings. Earrings help in giving a sassy look to the ones wearing it. Handmade earrings are very popular since it’s the origin. However, gold and silver earrings still lead the race.

Before buying any earrings, a detailed analysis of your own face size is necessary. Earrings must be matched according to your face sizes. Earrings play a crucial role in making your face look broad, long, and whatnot.

Let us jump into the details of face sizes that will help in styling yourself with different earrings:

  • If you have an inverted triangle-shaped face, then you must go for Chandelier or teardrop earrings. It will surely help you in giving a balanced look. These earrings help in balancing the wide forehead and thus, making you looks cool and glamorous.
  • For an Oval shaped face, you can choose simple or triangular shaped earrings. It will really make you look vivacious.
  • Circular faced women must avoid wearing drop or dangle earrings. It makes you look slimmer and uncool. Do not wear hoops, button studs, and circle-shaped earrings.

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Let us know about some earrings that can make you look more beautiful and extraordinary.

Stud earrings are notable for their classic styles. You can style them according to your garments, dresses, and many more. These earrings are popular since they provide stability to wearers.

Stud earrings for women

Gold Stud earrings are never out of fashion. Styling it with your garments can become arduous. However, these earrings speak about vibrancy and elegance. It is an exemplary sample of classic and intricately shaped earrings.

Gold Earrings for women

  • Drop earrings for women

Women love earrings dangling from their ears. Styling it properly can make you look wonderful and gorgeous. Drop earrings go well with metal and silver combinations.

Drop earrings for women

These earrings effectively portray classic and contemporary designs. Silver earrings are also available with customized designs.

Silver earrings for women

There are many other types of earrings that can help you flatter your face effectively.

How to buy earrings online?

In this fashion era, there are innumerable websites offering earrings with a lot of designs. One can painlessly buy gold earrings for women from these online websites. Some websites also sell customized silver earrings for women.

While buying earrings, one must not forget about the factors to consider.

  • Face Shape: Do not forget about your face shape and size before buying earrings.
  • Design that compliments your garment: Try looking for designs that will suit your dress.
  • Budget: While buying online, comparison shopping is necessary. It will really help you in getting extraordinary things within budget.
  • Colour of Earrings: Look for those colors which will enhance the glow of your face


Due to an increased demand for online shopping, it is no more, a big deal to buy earrings onlineSome online websites sell earrings on return policy. Customers get the opportunity to try and buy. Cash on delivery payments are also available and thus, winning customer confidence.


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