How to Avoid Breaking Glass Door Enclosures

In the last one year alone there have been numerous cases of glass door enclosures shattering on their own. This is very risky and must be avoided at all cost. Especially for shower glass since if someone is in the bathroom at the time of breakage, it could cause deep cuts when combined with the risk of a slippery floor. As much as Worcester shower enclosures are in huge demand due to their classy designs and looks, they also require you to maintain and know about the basic safety rules.
We bring to you below steps to avoid any unfortunate occurrences in your property:

  • Glass Material

Most glass door enclosures are made from tempered glass. This is glass that has been subjected to the tempering process. If highly tempered, the glass may break into small pieces at some point. Being highly compressed, this energy may release and shatter the glass in an explosion resulting in an injury. Make sure to check with your vendor about the kind of glass and the tempering procedures that they follow.

  • Improper Usage

Hitting the shower door hard on the metal track, shutting the sliding with a jerk or applying too much pressure can cause a chip in the glass. This is especially the case in hotels where people are less mindful of the property. What they don’t realize is that this is a kind of a ticking bomb for the next customer as a chip may cause the entire door to break away. Make sure your glass door has rubber bumpers to avoid direct contact with the metal tracks.

  • Towel Hanger

The cloth and towel hanger rod could be lodged in imperfectly in your glass shower enclosure. The ends need to be fitted in holes inside the glass with proper screw fasteners. Most importantly, it needs rubber gobbets to hold it to ensure a strong grip and avoids contact of the rod with the glass. Needless to say, do not let children hang on to the towel bar; indeed, their favorite mischief, but could be detrimental.

  • Fittings

All loose hardware on the glass enclosure should be tightened to avoid any breakage. Be proactive at replacing any deformed or broken plastic washers, rubber pushing or grommets. Ensure no screws or other fitting material is wobbly or coming out. Take immediate action in such instances.

  • Experts

Source your material only from a registered Worcester shower enclosures supplier. This is not something that you should try to install on your own as it requires handling by an expert. Hence request installations which come at minimum charges or are included with the deal. These experts provide safety and are available for consultation regarding replacements, alternate materials etc.
Follow the above steps to make your glass door enclosures breakage proof. Do not shy away from inquiring your vendor about the type of glass and fittings used just like you would about its design and price. If available, read the manuals for safety instructions and ask questions when in doubt. After all, it is about the safety of your family.

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