How Football Can Bring Out The Best In You!

Football is a sport loved and played by both young and old across the world. It is fun and exciting. It gives you thrills and holds your breath till the last minute. However, for some ardent football fans like Jonathan Bunge, football really has some brilliant life lessons worth sharing. It is here that Jonathan takes the pains to willingly share them so that you can evolve as a better and balanced human being!

Jonathan hails from Cleveland Ohio and he is a busy professional engaged with the transportation industry.  He is a passionate fan of football and loves catching up with the news and games of his favorite team Cleveland Browns. He is always on the road but when he is back he loves to write on his interests-football, tattoos and his experiences on the road.

Jonathan Bunge writes straight from the heart. He says that he is not much of a writer but when you read his personal accounts on his blog, you will see how insightful he is especially when it comes to the sport of football. To him football is not just a game, it is a life lesson that everyone should know and learn. He encourages youth football in Ohio and says that parents should introduce their kids to the game at a very tender age. Football is a game where there is teamwork, discipline and responsibility. These three qualities are very important for life. If kids start playing football, they will become balanced human beings able to tackle the challenges of life better.

When Jonathan was a kid he was very passionate about football. His father encouraged the passion in his child but his mother feared that he might get hurt and injured if he started playing the game at a very young age. However, reluctantly she agreed. Jonathan developed the skills of discipline, responsibility and leadership. This gave naturally to him. Moreover football is a game of endurance and it can be played by anyone. It does not belong to the rich class only. Working class families can enjoy the game and this makes it possible for everyone to start playing young provided parents agree. The game is enduring and very challenging but it teaches young people life skills that go a very long way towards a healthy and happy life.

Jonathan Bunge says that when you play football you are able to face the challenges of life better. Football is a team game and you improve on the social skills faster. You find playing with your team mates fun and entertaining. At the same time, when there are challenges you cannot run away. The team faces the challenge together and this fosters the spirit of unity and brotherhood. In the game, the whole team either wins or loses. But they have to be together from start to finish. It is important for the team to be together no matter what may occur- such is the camaraderie and spirit of football!

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