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How Can I Prove My Pain And Suffering?

In a courtroom, proving your pain and suffering is very difficult. If you experienced a recent physical or psychological injury, it is challenging to present your evidence in a court of law. Talking to your personal Injury Lawyer would be your most reliable alternative. The sooner you hire an injury lawyer, the better you get the results.

Research shows that pain and suffering is a tough case to prove in court because both financial and psychological consequences are involved. An experienced attorney understands the difficulty level of your case and also knows how to handle those cases. In cases where legal mitigation is necessary, they help you achieve the best possible result.

What Are Pain And Suffering?

Legally speaking, pain and suffering describe a wide variety of non-financial problems that sometimes happen to people because of their situation. It also includes physical discomfort, inconvenience, social and interpersonal impact, anxiety, and frustration. In other words, any sort of negative impact on the quality or happiness of your life can refer to pain and suffering.

How To Prove Your Pain and Suffering?

Financial or economic damages are easy to prove. For the most part, victims of a personal injury have access to the bills, receipts, invoices, and other pay stuff to show how much money a personal injury costs. But pain and suffering are difficult to prove, however it doesn’t come with a price tag. In such cases, you can count on a personal injury lawyer to determine the magnitude and impact of your pain and suffering from the evidence available to them. If you want to showcase your pain, you need some major evidence that’s outlined below:

Ensure Your Medical Reports Are In Order

Gather all the medical reports before the accident. It will be an analytical tool for your case. Your personal injury lawyer can show the difference between your health and mental records before and after the accident. The majority of people who survive a fatal accident show signs of post-traumatic stress, which reduces the quality of their lives. This is because these documents show a direct relationship between pain and suffering and your previous health issue.

Testify Your Doctor

Sometimes the court is not convinced with the medical record documents. In that case, it would be better to call your doctor to testify as a witness. The expert testimony of such a witness makes a significant contribution to the court in understanding the patient’s condition and making better decisions. But not every expert witness will strengthen your case. It can go wrong, so let your attorney talk to the expert and decide what to do.

Audio, Video, Or Image Prove

Your lawyer should assemble all the security camera images and video from the witness’s cellphone to explain what happened.  Coupling these up with other evidence will make your case stronger.


In the aftermath of an accident, you and your family would experience more pain and sadness. Even after the case has concluded, a trained attorney could advise you on how to proceed.

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