water quality testing Australia

How and why you should test water quality in Australia

Water quality testing helps you to know exactly what might be in your water. In this guide, we will cover a range of water testing options and how to test the quality of water. We will also explain what you need for water testing. For you to get the best water filter to protect you from harmful water, it is important to know the harmful contaminants to remove from your water. This is why you should know how to test the quality of your water. There are numerous methods for filtering water and each method specialises in removing certain water contaminants. If you know the types of contaminants in your water, you will get the most effective filter for removing them.

Know when to test your water

Your drinking water may seem odourless and crystal clear but you shouldn’t be relaxed because clear and odourless water doesn’t mean that the water is safe for drinking. There are odourless and colourless contaminants such as lead that can cause health problems. You cannot be sure your water is safe by just looking at it. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy bottled water for you to stay safe. You should know a few things about contamination of water and how to avoid them. You need to make it a habit to test your drinking water to ensure it is safe from pollutants and contaminants. You can use simple chemical strips to test the pH levels of your drinking water. Water quality testing Australia will ensure that the water you drink is safe for consumption.

Things that water testing can uncover

There are numerous things that water testing can uncover. The primary concern is harmful contaminants in water. Water testing can also uncover the pH of the water and water hardness. Water hardness results from minerals build-up. These minerals can be magnesium, calcium and other salts. This will, in turn, cause limescale build-up which ruins appliances and pipes. Water that has low pH is acidic and it is bad for your health. It can also corrode fixtures and pipes. Other pollutants you should test for include harmful bacteria. Most water tests highlight a wide range of disease-causing organisms and contaminants in the water sample.

Tips for water testing

There are a lot of ways for testing water. You can test for the quality of water using a water test kit. You can also take a sample of your water to be tested in a water testing company.

Using a home test kit

You can get instant results using a home water test kit that measures the water at the moment. This method of water quality testing gives the most up to date results. It also gives relevant results. A home test kit is cheap and is a useful tool for testing water. You can also use a laboratory test which is expensive but it gives the best results. The home kit can give an indication of whether you need further testing. You can buy a test kit from your superstore, online or home improvement stores.

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