Holidaying At The Beaches, Relaxing Close To Nature And Exploring The Marvels Of Old Architecture In Goa

Goa is a fun destination and the place for some laid back relaxation. Goa beaches are the ultimate place for a happening and  fabulous vacation. The article elaborates how you can make more enjoyment than the most during your trip to Goa. Read on to know more.

Goa needs no introduction to any tourist. It is among the hottest tourist places of India and considered the most happening destinations for an exuberant and memorable vacation. Goa beaches see a large number of guests throughout the year and the number of visitors peaks during the autumn season, especially during the Christmas to New Year period when the popular Carnival time kicks in.

Goa is not just about beaches, however. It has magnificent waterfalls, splendid forts, and churches that are an example of the exquisite architecture of old times. So, if you like the seaside view and a good time relaxing on the beach under the sun, Goa is the place to go to. If you like to explore the historical structures and bask in some fun time as well, Goa again is the destination you should be at. The best way to explore Goa is by renting two-wheelers and roaming about the place at your pace and leisure.

Usually, people arrive in Goa, book a hotel, and spend some time at the popular beaches and see the historic places. Many of them also spend their time enjoying the nightlife or the party bash. This sums the holiday experience for most of the travelers who arrive at Goa. But there are many ways to explore and enjoy Goa. For a classical experience of this place and its various allures, you can start your journey from a place called Saraya. It is one of the most uncommon places to stay at and offers a nice cottage-like abode. At this place, you would feel close to nature and can literally spend a peaceful time under the tree groves. You can have your meal served out on a wooden plank. But the place is not overtly traditional. You can order a pizza baked straight out of the mudoven and get other luxuries to cherish as well. In fact, the presence of modern amenities under a natural environment makes the place just more unique and convivial. At Saraya, amidst the harmony of nature, you can experience the true Goan hospitality. This is no less memorable than staying on the beaches.

Once you have settled at your place of accommodation, it is time to discover the various pleasures that Goa offers. You can begin your itinerary from Old Goa. The Portuguese left the place long back, but the signs of their occupation and architecture can be easily seen even today. You can see coconut trees everywhere in Goa and behind a many of them are those shiny old villas that would delight you with their warming sight. Divar Island is an interesting place to explore in Old Goa. As you move ahead toward Piedade, which is the largest village town of the region, you would spot the Church of Our Lady of Compassion. It is a 17th century building which was designed by a priest. It is also the first Christian structure of the state ever built. Bom Jesus Basilica Church (1594-1605), a World Heritage Site, is also worth visiting. Other buildings of note around this place are the Chapel, the museum, and the church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Once you are done with visiting the major landmarks and places, you can head toward north Goa. North Goa beaches like the Miramar beach are worth exploring. You can enjoy boating, see the Central Jail and the Aguada Fort, etc. here. Baga and Anjuna beaches are the most famous beaches in Goa and hence most crowded too. But if you like the bonhomie of the merrymaking masses, do spend a couple of days exploring the two.

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