Historic palaces, exciting nightlife and scenic neighborhood – think Bangalore this vacation

A trip to Bangalore is an unforgettable experience for those who like adventure and fun. The city is vibrant and popular among the youth for its great nightlife. Besides, there are historic attractions and nearby wildlife sanctuaries for the ever-curious travellers. Read on.

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“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Going on a holiday trip or on a voyage to explore new places is an exercise that revitalizes your spirits and refreshes the mind and body. A vacation also makes for an opportunity to sit with family and friends and have a heartfelt laughter. Such moments when combined with an ideal and beautiful destination become everlasting memories of a lifetime. If you have been looking up for choices to spend some enjoyable time in the company of your dear ones at some awesome place, how about a trip down the southern India? Bangalore, which in itself is an exciting city, has many amazing destinations around it and this time of the year, the fun is going to be just bigger.

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Bangalore is a modern city and one of the hotspots of tourism in India. It’s cool and moderate weather is already something that has led to the permanent settlement of immigrants of other states at this place. It is a metropolis and the IT powerhouse of the country, often fondly called the Silicon Valley of India. It has plenty of attractions for tourists and you can get a pampering stay in the city if you are looking for the luxurious hotels in Bangalore. But the hotel range is quite flexible and you can also go for an economy accommodation and save the big bucks for sightseeing, eating and shopping, later on. You can quickly take a quick tour of the city in a day and explore the popular tourist attractions of Bangalore, such as Bangalore Palace which served as the abode of the Maharajas of Mysore once, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, and the Bannerghatta National Park for an adventurous safari. Keep your camera handy as these scenic places are surely going to tempt you to click several pictures and if you like selfies, you would soon find yourself on a clicking roll. Roam about these places that charm any visitor instantly and upload the super clicks on your Facebook and Instagram to send a zillion envy your friends’ way.

Done with the main attractions of the city, you can relax a bit and try the local cuisines, right from the south Indian vadas and idlis to continental dishes. Or save that for later and head for some other famous destinations around Bangalore. Here is one place to which you can extend your Bangalore trip without a second thought: Horsley Hills – although this scenic destination is located in Andhra Pradesh, it is merely a 150 km drive from Bangalore. So, hitch up your boots and hit the road on a bus or taxi to Horsley Hills for a holiday retreat.

Picturesque surroundings and dense woods would make your day for certain. Here you can also enjoy trekking and zorbing, which is a wonderful experience.

You can reach Bangalore on a flight or board an Indian Railways Bangalore-bound train. Buses, too, ply to Bangalore from nearby states.

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