Here’s how to Avoid International Roaming Charges without Spending a Fortune

International roaming charges are quite high and thereby, results in causing major inconvenience issues for an Indian traveller going abroad.
Whether it’s a summer vacation you are heading for or an official meeting, going abroad excites everyone. One of the essential things, however, becomes staying well-connected with your loved ones back at home. But, travelling abroad means you will be charged for international roaming, thereby, making this a reason to fret upon for many.
To lesson your worries and help you make hassle-free travels, we have listed some truly practical ways which will help you to avoid international roaming charges. Have a look!
Install Ajura’s mobile app:
Ajura is a life-saving app for any traveller who makes regular trips to abroad.  Not only will it help in saving up to 90% of your international roaming charges, but also makes it super convenient for you to stay well-connected with your regular mobile number.  Simply download Ajura’s app, sign up and activate the “roaming” option in your phone before boarding the flight. Now, you are all set to relish the cheapest international roaming charges possible!
Go local! :
One of the best ways to embrace the essence of a foreign place is by going local. Along with their culture, traditions and clothing, we suggest you become a complete local of that place by purchasing a local SIM from the nearby store of your stay. This will enable you to receive incoming calls or make outing calls at the local tariff.
Befriend multiple conversational apps:
The trendiest way to get in touch with someone living far away is through mobile applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Hike, and much more. These apps enable you to send free messages, pictures, and videos and make free voice and video calls. All you need to do install a suitable app on your smart phone and get your phone connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile data. Although, the quality of these voice and video calls may depend on the strength of the Wi-Fi your phone is connected to or the service provider of your mobile data.
Get laid-back with a landline:
Make sure that you are staying at a place where there is easy access to a landline. International charges by a landline are a lot cheaper than the ones made by a mobile. Landlines are ideal for those long conversations with your loved ones, at the end of the day.
So, now that you know how easily you can avoid international roaming charges, make sure that you equip yourself properly before your next trip. Mobile apps like Ajura provide one-of-a-kind service to any traveller going abroad. Minimal international roaming charges, high convenience to stay in touch with your loved ones via your regular number, are just a few of the many perks of using an incredible app like Ajura. Install now, and gear up for your upcoming foreign trip, effortlessly!

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