Here's How Dry Cleaning Will Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Most of us do not have the energy (or patience) to do laundry. Our job demands make it really hard to find the time to do chores and spend time with family. On weekends, you just want to rest and sleep the day away. Why spend your precious hours doing laundry, when you can have professionals do it for you?
We are not talking about simple washing. Frequent washing damages the clothes and moreover, some fabrics do not go well with certain types of detergents. We have a better alternative: Alta Loma dry cleaning.
Put simply, dry cleaning is a way of cleaning your clothes without using water. It does use a different liquid, however – a gentle petroleum-based solvent called “perc” (perchloroethylene), which without damaging the fabric, dissolves dirt and oils that cling to your clothing.
Here’s how dry cleaning in Alta Loma will make your clothes last longer.

  • Less abrasive. Washing machines may damage some fabrics that are sensitive to water and heat that transpires during the machine’s cycle. Some even swell or shrink after washing. Dry cleaning is more gentle and slower and does not use water, resulting to less wear and tear for your clothes. Perc preserves the color and texture of your clothes, which are important especially on wool and silk.
  • Tough on stains. Perc penetrates deeply to dissolve oils, odors, and tough stains on your garments. The ozone treatment used encourages oxidation, which removes the unpleasant smell. Alta Loma dry cleaning gets rids of wrinkles on the fabric during the finishing process. There is no need to iron your clothes. You just need to hang them in your closet once you get them from the cleaners’.
  • Neckties. This little piece of fabric is very delicate and does not get along with regular washing. They are often made of silk, so you cannot scrub stains (coffee, food, wine) away from your necktie without damaging your tie. A necktie is one of the most important elements of a suit, and any stain on it will stand out. Alta Loma dry cleaning services like Chaffey Cleaners will maintain the smoothness and cleanliness of your ties.
  • Wedding Gowns. Brides tend to keep their gowns as a remembrance of one of the most important days of their lives. Some would dream of handing it down to their daughters in the hopes of being worn in their future weddings. Dry cleaning in Alta Loma is the perfect answer to preserve the beauty of the gown for a long time.
  • Lost buttons. Your cleaners can sew missing buttons back on. They will find a matching pair or replace the whole set for uniformity.

Your clothes need special care to preserve their color and fabric. Doing laundry on your own takes time that most of us do not have. You can use the time allotted for laundry to do something you really love or spend time with your loved ones. If you need dry cleaning in Alta Loma, then Chaffey Cleaners is your best bet. Contact them today at for more information about their services.

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