Health And Safety Signs – Why It Is Mandatory To Have Them?

Health and safety is something which you cannot afford to ignore at any cost. That is why there’s hardly any place on earth where health and safety signs are not displayed, because they help in communicating safety information, which is of vital importance from the viewpoint of residents living in the city, or a town. First and foremost, these signs play a big role in reducing the risks of an accident. In your workplace accidents occur often, but by installing appropriate safety signs those accidents can be averted completely. Furthermore, these signs are understood by everyone so they are ideal to get your message across.
health and safety signs
Maintaining health of workers, and citizens is a mandatory obligation and is done best via communicating what all risk factors are there which can lead to poor health. And the best way to communicate is through health and safety signs. They come in handy when you are aiming to warn people who are at the risk of being exposed to a health hazard. By using signs you get to convey specific messages, which are quickly understood by people. These signs help in pointing to relevant guidance information in case an emergency occurs, besides help in quickly locating safety equipment, to manage the emergency situation.

When it comes to health and safety signs you will find a wide variety. Majority of them are conventional ones which the World Health Organization (WHO) decides to keep parity across varied regions, and to ensure they are understood by people of all regions.

Here are certain attributes that each sign must possess:

• Their language has to be simple so that everybody gets to understand it.

• Consistency have to be maintained regardless of the country where they are installed.
• A conventional diagram have to be attached with each sign for more clarity of the message.
• Red color conveys prohibitions, yellow denotes caution, and green indicates positive action. These colours have to be followed consistently.
• Signs come in varied shapes. Triangular shapes are used in warning signs, squares to pass on information, and rectangles to communicate emergencies. Prohibitions signs are circular in shape. These rules have to be followed.

Signs Help Avoid Workplace Hazards

Different signs are installed at workplaces to ensure safety of workers. These signs help in minimising risk of accidents that are common at workplaces. The signs are designed in such as way that they not only warn workers, but also offer solutions in case an accident occurs. For example, warning sign for hazardous gas comes with another sign that mandates gas masks, have to be worn before entering into the area.

There are several questions posed regards to where signs have to be put; the general rules followed are: if it is an enclosed setting, pin the sign to the wall, so that it is visible to everyone. To warn operators signs can be put on machines, to communicate the precautions they need to follow while operating the machines. A sign should be put when it is necessary to use it; for example, don’t put a sign to warn people about a wet floor, when in truth, the floor is dry.

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