Guide On Creating A Photo Montage With Movavi Photo Editor

Photo montage involves joining different photos together to become a single photo. Photo montage may seem difficult to create but it is actually an easy task that you can do with a photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor. First of all, you must prepare all the photos that you are going to use for the photo montage on your computer. You must first load the background photo which will serve as the background scene. When the photo is load onto the software, it may not be the original size. You can scale it to the original size by dragging the zoom in slider to the maximum at 100%.
Any unwanted details in the photo can be removed by using the object removal tab. To remove an object, you simply paint it in red and click on the start erasing button. You can select multiple unwanted objects and have them removed all at once by clicking the start erasing button. Once you have get rid of the unwanted objects from the photo, you can drag the cliparts over into the photo to create a photo montage. You can move the cliparts to anywhere you want on the photo to make up a scene for the photo montage. There is a dotted white frame in every clipart that you drag onto the photo. When you click on the clipart and hold it, you will be able to move to the appropriate position. The cliparts can also be resized by dragging the corner.
Another way to create a photo montage is to add a new background for example a fantasy background onto the photo. Before you can add a new background, you must first remove the existing background with the background removal tool. You have to mark the background in red and the subjects in green with the red and green brush tools respectively.
When you click the cut out button, the background marked in red will be removed and only the subjects marked in green will be left in the photo. You can use the eraser to enable the software to more accurately cut out the background if you didn’t precisely draw the outline with the green brush tool on the main subject. The clone stamp tool can be used to rectify areas that do not look natural. It is fairly easy to use the clone stamp tool to clone stamp the area and the task can be finished in just a few minutes.
Now, you can choose the new background by clicking on the Image File button. If you select the wrong image, you can click the Image File button to select the file again. You can undo the background photo to the previously selected file by clicking on the image file icon. After you have finished creating the photo montage, make sure you click the Export button to save it. For a high resolution picture, you can choose to save in PNG format. You can save the photo montage in compressed formats like JPG and it will also look high quality.

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