Great Lives Might not have Great endings

The unpredictable nature of life is one that keeps us moving forward. Life, in many ways is predictable and yet it is completely unpredictable. While a person may think of spending his old age with his children and grandchildren and plan his future, he does not usually think negative or about a time when he is not going to survive to experience any of these. No one can predict from before when the time period for his life might just be up on this Earth. Just when he might be planning his retirement days andgetting ready to start a new life, he might have to leave this world, his near and dear ones and go to a place from where returning is impossible.

Not many people have the stamina and energy to fight the hardships or small hurdles leave alone death resisting medical conditions. But while few might put in their soul and heart and fight out and even perhaps come out victorious in this battle against any ailment or death, many might not even get that chance to do that.

Eric Ulysses Miller breathed his last on 14th August 2010 after a continuous struggle of four long years against a serious medical ailment. He was 47 years old and was at the John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital, Phoenix. A service of life celebration was held on his memory on August 21st, 2010 at 2pm at Best Funeral Services. The family has urged his close ones to pay their last respects to him where they can just pray for his soul to rest in peace or they can leave flowers and can light candles. Eric Ulysses Miller was born on September 13th, 1962 and he had moved to Flagstaff with his parents in 1970. He was a sincere student of South Beaver Elementary East Flagstaff Jr. High School and then went to Coconino High School in 1981 from where he completed his graduation.

Eric Ulysses Miller has left behind his loving parents – stepfather, Harold Lee Miller Sr and mother Nolan Phyllis Lawson. He was also survived by his sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, relatives and friends all of whom would continue to miss his presence in their lives. After all, living a materialistic life for one’s own needs is something and being generous and active in philanthropic works and doing proper service for the well-being of the society is something else. Since he was generous and kind in his philanthropic works and has helped serve various good causes, his demise is considered a huge loss and indeed it is a great loss for the society as a whole.

His sudden death is mourned by his four brothers, Philip Nolan Miller, Carleton Dwight Miller, Kevin Lewis Miller Sr. who is based in Tucson and Harold Lee Miller Jr. from Phoenix. He is also mourned by his loving sisters, Ina Cruchette Miller and Iva Cruchette Miller who are based in Tucson and Brenda Joyce Clay, Myrtle Beatrice McCalvin who are based in Corpus Christi Texas.
He has six nieces and fourteen nephews who would always miss him and yet relive his happy memories with them. His relatives and close friends who have always supported and stayed by him, would also mourn this huge loss. 

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