Gifts To Get From Japan

Great Gifts To Get From Japan

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone from Japan or someone who loves everything Japanese! We are offering you a list of great gifts to get from Japan to choose from! Making sure you pick a gift that is thoughtful, useful, and deeply loved by the recipient.

Japanese KitKat Selection

Nothing is more Japanese than the larger KitKat selection the country has to offer. A range that connects east Japan to west Japan, while offering you delicious and delicate flavors from all around Japan. This KitKat selection box works as the perfect gift on any special occasion, allowing you to offer them flavors such as matcha, strawberry cheesecake, purple sweet potato, to wasabi.

Mini Zen Garden

Nothing screams you love Japan like a mini zen garden on your desk! Let your special someone enjoy a beautiful and stress-freeing zen garden that they can easily set up on their desk. Allowing them to draw from its raw beauty and mesmerizing charm – as they work to achieve a soothing state of mind. Collecting their thoughts the mini zen garden will help them escape the pressure of everyday life, allowing them to refresh their body and mind before getting back to work. Making it one of the best gift for any friend or family member that works a high-pressure job or has a hard time containing their nerves. Check here for more of the best gifts from Japan here.

Kawaii Subscription Box

There is nothing cuter than Kawaii culture! It is one of the most loved characteristics of Japan and is well known around the world. In simple words, Kawaii means “everything girly”! So why not spoil your princess with a Kawaii subscription box that is filled with goodies from Japan! Keep in mind that each subscription box is different and may include phone charms, toys, stickers, beauty products, stationery, and candy!

Personalized Japanese Name Stamps

In Japan, rather than signing your name, you use Hanko or inkan (name stamps). So if you are opening a bank account, signing a contract, or doing any legal work in Japan, there is a good chance a Japanese will take out their personalized Japanese name rubber stamp and stamp their name, rather than signing it! While your friend/family member will not be allowed to use their Japanese name stamp for a legal document, but they sure will love stamping their name at the end of letters rather than signing their name!

Sushi Socks

Everyone loves sushi, but not as much as they will love these amazing sushi-shaped socks sets! The pack contains three pairs of socks that actually look like a sushi platter from afar. Pulling them in, only to give them the surprise of their life! An interesting choice that makes for a wonderful gift, and works as a useful pair for the receiver.

These are just some of the many amazing choices you can offer as a token of love from Japan, making someone miss home a little less, or helping someone find their connection to the country!

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