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Get Your Attendance Management Software Basics Right

In the new age workplaces, the employees enjoy work policies like never before. Flexible scheduling is one of such policies which is increasingly been offered to the employees by the employers. However, this has made the time and attendance management all the more complex. And, this rose the need for attendance management software. But, there are still many companies that are using traditional methods to track the attendance of employees.

Most of the companies have still not got the software soup right. Read this blog to get the basics.

Features that make it the best

Cock in and out– The system records hours that an employee has completed in a day. The attendance management software may use the ID, card, pin or even fingerprint or face recognition tool. This will help the company a lot as no one will be able to claim overtime if he has not done that.

Absence tracking- The new age attendance management software also keep a track of absences. It doesn’t show the work hours you have completed but also the absences, leaves and paid days etc. All this makes the calculation easier. When managers, HR and employee have access and a clear picture of their attendance, the increased transparency also leads to better harmony.

 Self-service- When the employees have the option to see their daily attendance in real time. The hours they have worked for, the current and future schedules. It also lets them apply for the leaves from the software itself.

Payroll- The consolidated attendance sheet of each employee is updated in the payroll software. This helps in getting clear attendance data and thus eliminates the chances of miscalculations altogether.

Scheduling- The in-progress clock-in also allows the user to apply the same to the work schedule of the day.

Real-time Data- With real-time insights, the software can also help the managers in adjusting the schedules, keeping a check on break time and if there is a need for overtime.

Cost Estimation- Some attendance management software even use the cost and apply it to the hours and employees. The same is done to create time estimate for various projects and forecast the better utilisation of resources.

Reporting- Most of the systems come with a set of predefined standard reports. The total hours worked, the shift in pattern, time off report and many other sorts of reports are fully customizable and can be fetched anytime.

GPS- This feature in HR software allows the employees to mark their attendance even when they are out due to some office related work.

So, no company should shy away from using such software that can help their company with resource management, cost saving and a lot more. Investments like these are worth it all. Now that you know the features, begin your search today and bid adieu to the bygone ways. Otherwise, you will continue to pay employees more or less than what they should be which are going to impact the reputation and finances of your company.

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