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Online gaming not only allows you to test your skills but also make money by winning some exciting prizes. While the Internet is replete with online gaming sites, more and more gamers are turning toward gaming apps.

For instance, a PUBG mobile tournament app is the frontline choice of gamers for playing PUBG gaming tournaments. Whether beginners or pros, both relish the prospect alike.

Don’t worry about spending on mobile gaming applications. Some free gaming apps can provide a good user experience as well as ample opportunities to make money. GamingMonk’s gaming app is a case in hand.

Read on to find out more about the features of this application and the reasons for using it.

Features of the GamingMonk app

GamingMonk – one of the leading platforms for playing PUBG Mobile tournaments online – has a mobile application for Android smartphones. It allows gamers to experience the excitement of playing PUBG Mobile and other online tournaments on mobile phones.

Here’s what you get by taking part in a PUBG tournament using the application.

1. Create your account and chat with the other registered gamers

Sign up for an account on GamingMonk directly through the gaming application for free. Thereafter, you can start communicating with other registered gamers of the platform through the chat feature. Choose which gamers you want to play the game with.

2. Play PUBG and other competitive tournaments and earn exciting cash prizes

You can either play PUBG Mobile or any other competitive game tournament like Garena Free Fire, Clash Royale, FIFA 20, WCC Rivals etc. online using the GamingMonk application. Choose a tournament and confirm your participation to earn exciting cash prizes instantly depending on your performance.

3. Interact with your favorite streamers while they play the game

In the course of using GamingMonk’s gaming tournament app, you will develop familiarity with leading streamers. Watch their gaming videos, live streams and at the same time, also interact with them. If you’re lucky enough, you can also win cash prizes instantly.

4. Keep in touch with the latest news and other tips and tricks

As a useful platform, GamingMonk allows registered gamers to not only polish their skills but also refine their knowledge of online games. You can get to know about and stay updated with the latest news, updates, tips and tricks relating to online games. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you’re likely to find this feature useful.

Why play PUBG Mobile using GamingMonk app?

Wondering why you need to use the GamingMonk application when you can also play games online on its website?

Here’s the list of reasons that will explain the answer to it in length.

1. It offers great PUBG game playing experience

When should you go separately to the website and sign up, join the tournament when you can directly do it through the app? You can have a seamless experience by joining a tournament from your phone, playing the match, and coming back to the app to join more tournaments.

2. You can use all the features free of cost

You can download and sign up for an account through the GamingMonk application free of cost. What’s more, you can have a word with other registered gamers on the platform. This way, you can choose players with whom you would be teamed up in duo/squad formats.

3. You can play exciting online game tournaments anytime and from anywhere

Portability and convenience are the two primary factors for which people use mobile devices these days. By downloading the gaming application, you can access your favourite games and join their tournaments at your will on a smartphone.

4. Watch videos and get up-to-date information about different online games

Aside from playing tournaments, you may want to try out the free tournaments app from GamingMonk to enhance your understanding of online gaming tournaments. With it, you can learn some handy tricks and tips relating to the gameplay. You can also learn a lot by watching the videos of your favourite streamers.

Besides, the app also serves as a valuable platform to track the latest developments in online gaming with trending news stories.

5. Win exciting cash prizes based on your performance

This is a no-brainer. GamingMonk app is as much about winning exciting cash prizes as it is about fun. On this platform, you get rewards based on kills in PUBG tournaments instead of your rankings. The same rule applies to other tournaments. Thus, GamingMonk app offers more opportunities to make money than other online gaming applications for Android phones.

Final thoughts

Though you can play PUBG on a computer or a laptop, there are some good reasons for which you may want join the tournaments from your mobile. Whether it is about convenience or the best gaming experience, GamingMonk’s app is your best bet for both. If you haven’t tried it yet, then go ahead and give it a try for once. You’ll become its die-hard fan forever.


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