French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors

Which Is More Secure French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors?

Don’t know what to choose between patio screen doors and French doors? Both are stylish enough to fit easily into the interior of any dwelling.

However, if the safety and privacy of your home is of particular concern to you, it is worth considering which of these constructions will be more secure.

Patio screen doors

Comparing Security Differences Between French Doors vs Sliding Glass Doors

Doors are the first thing you notice when you approach your home.

That is why they must be perfect in every sense:

  • To be a real decoration;
  • Keep unpleasant smells and excessive noise out of the house;
  • To be energy efficient: to avoid heat leakage in winter, and to keep cool inside in summer. This not only helps to keep the comfort temperature, but also allows to save on electricity.
  • To be safe: to have a secure locking system that prevents unauthorized entry into the house.

Let’s compare the two popular options to see which one is the best for you:

French doors Patio screen doors
Ease of use Open wider than sliders: because both door leaves are openable. They are very easy to use, but are somewhat limited in view and width of the gap, as they only move one way.
Space saving Occupy quite a lot of space. As the door leaves open in both directions, furniture cannot be placed at an appropriate distance from them. A perfect choice for limited spaces!
Safety Door hinges fail sooner or later, making these doors a little less secure. This issue is implemented at the highest level.

The design aims to prevent fixed and well-functioning doors from being lifted off their rails. There is also a locking system that prevents the door from sliding when it is closed.

As you can see, if the security is particularly important for you, patio screen doors are more reliable from this point of view.

Of course, a lot depends on the manufacturer of these designs.

Vinyl Light Windows & Doors has been known for more than 13 years and has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers of these products.

Vinyl Light offers an individual approach, which allows to take into account all peculiarities of the dwelling, as well as to realize the order according to all wishes of the clients.

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