Frameless Shower Doors: Adding Style & Value to Your Home

Everybody likes elegance through their homes and that includes their bathrooms. And according to Pioneer Glass, it is not always as expensive as it sounds. From custom shower doors frameless to quality shower door replacement, everything could be yours at a low cost and in your own preferred design.
If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or are just in need of a bathroom shower door replacement, let me give you some insights on why you should go for frameless shower doors. Here are some of the advantages:

It does not corrode

Metals corrode. Woods fade and deteriorate.
But quality glass shower doors last longer and do not easily lose their sturdiness over time. Metals rust from prolonged exposure to water and that might not be good for your safety and health. And such can be said with wood as well.

Visual Appeal

If you are familiar with first impressions having an effect, then you know how design affects mood.
Frameless shower doors are a visual interpretation of fluidity, openness, and flow. It connects every element within your bathroom, eliminating hindrances and displays every beautiful aspect within its confines.
It complements the materials that make up your bathroom like tiles, marbles, ceramic and pebbles. So overall, your bathroom will have a luxurious feel to it.
Elegance is also something that frameless shower doors bring to the scene. It gives your bathroom a bigger look from every angle.

It can be made to fit any door size

The custom shower door frameless feature is not just all about beauty. It is also made of thick glass that can support the panels which is why it is considered highly durable.
And compared to other bathroom doors available in the market, you can have a bathroom shower door replacement in any size you want. It can be easily customized to your desired look and size instead of being limited to what is already available out there.

It is safe

Some homeowners may feel a bit worried that glass doors can be dangerous but that is not true anymore. Today the frameless door glasses are made and filed down to smoothened edges plus it can also be plated with opaque-like rubber material for added safety.
And since glass doors are made of tempered glass, you will need more than a blunt force to break or shatter them.

It is easy to clean

The fact that glass doors do not have tracks or any concave surface might cause difficulty in cleaning it; glass frameless doors are the most ideal for an easy way to clean and sanitize.
Its smooth surface has no channels for mildews and molds. With just a wipe or sweep of a rag or any cleaning material, the cleaning is almost effortless.
So the next time you are considering a bathroom shower door replacement, do not just go for sturdiness or durability when you can also have the beauty and elegance of frameless high-quality glass shower doors.

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