Follow These Tips If You’re Currently Doing Your Résumé

Indeed, your typical résumé is still a relevant part of the hiring and recruiting process, let alone the whole scheme of employment. Perfecting it all throughout can truly make a difference between getting offered a job quickly and getting your application denied.
But nowadays, a lot of innovations over the past few years have paved the way for the establishment of visually appealing résumés. With the new types of résumés spawning everywhere, it’s as if almost all job seekers are finding ways to help themselves stand out of the others. The ever-changing trends on how résumés are made and presented have also provided greater insight on how employers select potential candidates for screening and interviews. Because of the Internet and social media in particular, the résumé itself and the whole recruitment process have likewise transformed.
So if you are searching for a job and wishes to be part of HR payroll soon, you may have to incorporate a fresh, new approach on your résumé, especially in terms of how you describe and present yourself to your potential employers. True enough, the times have changed, and so should your résumé. As such, here are some of the five tips you may want to consider:

  • Before anything else, determine first the employers you are trying to target. Do an extensive research on them to know if your skills and experience fits what they really need. You can look them up on their job openings and job descriptions. Remember that this must be done before writing down a new or updated résumé. Once you’ve listed them down, you can then build yourself up through the content of your résumé that will reflect what the employers’ are targeting.
  • Do keyword research. Instead of putting outdated and clichéd statements in your résumé, you may want to spice things up in your career marketing document by adding certain words from the job postings you reviewed.
  • You may create a visual résumé that would supplement your already established traditional one. While an effectively-constructed conventional résumé helps create a good first impression for employers, the visual ones help job seekers stand out above the rest as these are helpful in establishing their own personal brand. Visual résumés can be made depending on the type of industry you are aiming for.
  • Always remember that almost all of your potential employers are using social media during the recruitment process. Most of them will find you through your LinkedIn profile, as well as in your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Such is the phenomena of social hiring, and this could make or break your chances of getting hired. Unfortunately, statistics show that a large percentage of recruiters never bothered hiring candidates whose social media profiles’ contents contain profanity, sexual topics, and other unnecessary posts. If this happens to you, you may not be able to receive a call from your potential employer for an interview, which will render your résumé useless, especially if the recruiter had already seen yours. To fix this, you may need to build a social media résumé. You may likewise match your own traditional résumé to your LinkedIn profile. Moreover, you may want to minimize the profanity or any unnecessary tone in the posts you make if you want to give a good first impression to your potential employers.
  • Review your résumé and other important documents thoroughly. Make sure that you devote time and effort see if there are changes needed to be made. See to it that it contains zero grammatical and spelling errors. Plus, the résumé’s content should be concise, structured, and direct to the point. For better results, have it reviewed by someone.

Putting into mind these tips will help you get the job you’ve always dreamed of and make your way to the HR payroll sooner. Although you can go with the visual type or use your social media account to expand your professional brand, having the conventional document is still important as this never goes out of style.

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